Woke MTV Awards Ratings PLUMMET As Viewers Reject Far-Left Agenda

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- The MTV’s annual Video Music Awards went ahead on Sunday, with performers being granted special privileges by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Despite making a massive spectacle on TV, though, the ratings sucked and people voted with their TV remotes. It’s clear that the American people aren’t interested in being lectured by rich celebrities who get to enter New York without abiding by the same quarantine rules as everybody else.

Reports suggest that viewership of the annual awards show plummeted by 5%, gaining only 6.4 million viewers over 12 cable networks.

Think about that. Just over six million people tuning in over 12 networks. It didn’t even reach double digits – something sleepy Joe Biden managed to achieve during his acceptance speech at the virtual Democratic National Convention.

Back in 2011, things were quite different. This was a time when people could watch the VMAs online afterwards, just like they can do today, but still, some 12.4 million people tuned in to the event to see celebrities perform, accept awards, and have fun.

But in 2020, when everyone is stuck at home because of lockdown rules, just half of the 2011 numbers decided they wanted to tune in. And if you take a look at some of the performances…it’s not hard to see why.

Celebrities used it as an opportunity to lecture people about politics, and many singers even performed wearing masks. So they don’t want to abide by the quarantine rules and are happy to get special privileges while traveling during a pandemic, but they think they’re saving the world by singing on a stage with a mask on. In a largely empty room.

Makes sense.

See how much of that you can get through without cringing…

The only thing the news is talking about now is Lady Gaga’s outfit. She appeared in her usual bizarre clothes with a mask that had some kind of screen on it and performed while wearing it. It doesn’t make much sense, it’s clearly just pandering, and people didn’t want to see it.

Had I not been writing this article for you, I wouldn’t have known this event even happened.