Will Smith Said Police Called Him the N-Word At Least 10 Times

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- While the country is still under attack by violent extremists burning down cities and attacking people in the street in the name of “racial justice,” millionaire actor will Smith has claimed that police officers have called him the N-word on “more than ten occasions.”

Police officers across the United States are regularly demonized and attacked by Democrats and far-left activists these days, with the actions of a few bad cops being used against entire police departments. Things have gotten so crazy that Minneapolis is getting rid of its police department entirely and the New York Police Department just lost $1 billion in funding.

So some may question the intentions of Will Smith in a recent YouTube discussion about being black in America.

Smith claimed that growing up in Philadelphia, he experienced racism when he was young.

“I’ve been called nigger by the cops in Philly on more than ten occasions,” he said. “I got stopped frequently, so I understand what it’s like to be in those circumstances with the police, to feel like you’ve been occupied, it’s an occupying force.”

Smith’s comments were historical, and he didn’t say anything about how often this happens today. The chances are it’s never, as society has progressed over the last few decades. The United States is not only one of the most diverse nations on earth, but the most tolerant. Few would deny that racism has existed and Smith’s claims are likely true, but many might ask how this kind of conversation helps the situation today.

Smith made the comments to Angela Rye, a political commentator from CNN. He explained what his experience was like going to a catholic school in the Philadelphia suburbs, saying that “white kids were happy” when the police arrived but his heart “always started pounding” faster out of fear of the police.

“I understand what the disparities are in a really interesting way,” he said.

The “Fresh Prince” actor also said that the only reason people even noticed the death of George Floyd is because they are stuck at home during COVID lockdowns.

Perhaps people noticed it because it was a rare tragedy?