WEIRD: Lincoln Project Member Says Fly On Mike Pence’s Head “Mark Of The Devil”

( Steve Schmidt, the former Republican campaign strategist and a senior member of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project, made the bizarre claim on MSNBC that a fly landing on Mike Pence’s head during the debate was a sign of evil.

Schmidt, a so-called conservative who is now campaigning for the ultra-leftist Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket to win, suggested that the moment that a fly landed on the Vice President’s head suggested the devil had a hand in the debates and the Trump campaign.

“I don’t think it’s ever a good sign when a fly lands on your head for two minutes,” Schmidt told anchor Ari Melber. “That’s a sign all through history of sin, and historically, biblically, it’s only safe to say this Ari, after midnight, but a fly, he who commands the fly is always been seen historically as the mark of the devil.”


Vice President Mike Pence is known to be a deeply religious man, so the suggestion that he is working with the devil is not only offensive but wrong.

Host Ari Melber didn’t know whether Schmidt was being serious and laughed along at the comments.

“Now, as a journalist, now I have to ask for the record if you’re joking because the fly could have landed on anyone,” he said.

And it turned out that Schmidt wasn’t joking.

“Yes, but it didn’t,” he said. “It landed on Mike Pence and that says something.”

Does it, though?

If a fly landing on a candidate’s head or face is the sign of the devil, then the devil has had a hand in pretty much every election going.

Not only did a fly land on Mike Pence’s head, but it also happened to Hillary Clinton during a debate in 2016. Barack Obama has been seen with a fly on his face, and so has failed presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

How on earth did this guy end up being a campaign strategist for John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and George W. Bush?