VOTER FRAUD: 23k DEAD Voters Could Be Sent Ballots In California

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( According to a court brief obtained by the press, as many as 23,000 dead voters from California could be sent mail-in ballots for the November presidential election, raising the prospects of electoral fraud in one of the most divisive elections in modern history. According to the court brief, a new law introduced by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom is the reason why this may just happen.

Earlier in June, progressive Democrat Newsom signed new legislation that would send mail-in ballots, both solicited and unsolicited, to every single registered voter in the state of California. It means that even if you don’t ask for a ballot, you’ll be sent one anyway – and it was all done under the guise of making it easier and safer to vote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The new legislation also gives county officials the power to count ballots if they are received within 17 days of the election, which gives Democrats the chance to seek out ballots even after the election has taken place and potentially increase their vote share or overturn Republican wins.

The court brief was filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, and it alleges that tens of thousands of dead voters are still registered in California and have not been removed from state databases. It means that ballots, not just ballot applications, could be sent to homes all over California – and people living in those homes could easily sign the ballots and send them as if they are a legitimate vote. Once that’s done, it’s incredibly hard to prove who did it and if the vote was filed in the first place.

In a statement, the president of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, J. Christian Adams, warned of the danger the situation poses.

“California has a history of demonstrating that automation in voting processes will cause errors,” Adams said. “Auto-mailings to active registrants won’t protect the state from sending ballots to dead and duplicated registrants – especially those who’ve shown an acknowledged willingness to take advantage of extra votes.”

PILF claims that there are 23,000 registered votes on the state voter rolls who have died, on top of a further 2,000 duplicate entries.

If it can happen in California, it could happen anywhere.