Violent “Protesters” Attack Woman with Fists and Planks

( If someone tells you that the protests erupting in cities across the United States are righteous and done in the name of justice for George Floyd, show them this horrific video. It shows rioters in Rochester, New York, on Saturday attacking a business owner as her husband tries to defend her.

In the video from Saturday, you can see the woman confronting a gang of “protesters” who were destroying property near the Rochester Fire Equipment Company. Reports suggest that the woman shouted at the gang, who were trying to break into the jewelry store next door and steal items. The men didn’t appreciate her getting involved, and the footage shows how they initially confronted her and started to leave, before one protester got brave. He turned around and punched the woman in the face.

Then, the rest of the gang began attacking the brave women with their fists and large planks of wood.

The woman’s man tries to stop the men from attacking her, as one man grabs her by the neck and throws her against a brick wall. “Get away from my wife,” her husband shouted as he waved a golf club at the men.

The gang then turned on the husband and began physically assaulting him.

Reports say that the couple lived in an apartment above the Rochester Fire Equipment store. An Afghanistan war veteran told WROC that he witnessed the attack and that it was “one of the worst things” he had ever witnessed.

“I turned around, saw people trying to break into some stores, so I just started filming,” Joe Painter said.

“The husband and wife came out, they were trying to reason with them. Then all of a sudden it turned violent and it escalated. They just went after the woman, the husband was trying to defend himself with a golf club, and they just went after him with two-by-fours,” he added.

Thankfully, local media reports that the female victim is recovering from the assault.