University Professors TERRIFIED of Bias Being Exposed During Online Classes

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- Before the coronavirus pandemic, university professors could indoctrinate their students without fear of being exposed online. In this brave new world, however, classes are being hosted online while students and professors stay at home, making it easier for people to record that bias and share it online.

Since universities across the United States started hosting classes online, students have started sharing clips of their classes on Twitter. For some, it’s fun to show what their teachers are like in class. For others, it’s hilarious to post mishaps and jokes being shared in the group chats.

And now, these remote classes are scaring left-wing professors.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on Tuesday that the “coronavirus-prompted shift to remote teaching was stressful enough for faculty members before Charlie Kirk weaponized online learning.” The outlet referenced a tweet from Kirk, the founder of conservative student group Turning Point USA, which called on students to share clips of their professors expressing bias during classes.

Kirk encouraged conservative students to “share any and ALL videos of blatant indoctrination” with Turning Point USA through a special contact link.

“Now is the time to document & expose the radicalism that has been infecting our schools,” he added.

Incredibly, the Chronicle of Higher Education recognized that some faculty members at American universities were “worried” about being exposed as students begin to follow Kirk’s instructions.

“Kirk’s tweet was mocked by some faculty members, while others said there’s reason to be worried,” the outlet reported. “A ‘vast and highly successful’ right-wing apparatus is ready to destroy a professor who says the wrong thing, assigns the wrong reading, or submits the wrong grade, tweeted Jeffrey A. Sachs, a lecturer in history and politics at Acadia University in Canada,” the report also said.

What do you think? Is there a “right-wing apparatus” looking to take down innocent professors, or could it be that professors who have been indoctrinating students behind closed doors for years are finally about to be exposed?