U.S. Senator Says Ted Cruz Should Be Punished By U.S. Senate For Standing Up To Non-Transparent Election

(TheFreedomFlag)- Democratic Senator for West Virginia, Joe Manchin, told PBS that Congress should use Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to expel members of Congress who objected to the certification of the Electoral College vote.

The shocking comment, which completely ignores the many instances of Democrats objecting to the Electoral College certification in elections gone by, is notable because of Machin’s new-found power and significance in government. Manchin is now a key swing vote for the Democrats in the Senate, which is now no longer in control of the Republican Party.

Manchin made the comments in reference to Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, two big players in the Republican Party that the Democrats would love to see taken out, and who both objected to the certification of Electoral College votes from some states on January 6.

The decision to object to the Electoral College votes was made for multiple reasons. One, the election was wrought with fraud and misconduct, with evidence of this being presented at several evidentiary hearings in Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and a host of other states. Secondly, objecting to their certification could have triggered a period of debate that was expected to last as long as ten days, whereby members of Congress would have had an opportunity to debate the evidence of fraud.

But despite this – and despite the fact that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi objected to the Ohio Electoral College votes in 2005 – Manchin said that using the 14th Amendment to remove Republicans he doesn’t like “should be a consideration.”

“Ted’s a very bright individual, and I get along fine with Ted, but what he did was totally outside of the realm of our responsibilities or our privileges,” he inaccurately claimed.

All members of Congress have the right to object to the certification of Electoral College votes, as they are tasked with either confirming or objecting to the results based on evidence of fraud, misconduct, or general wrongdoing.

Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, there are provisions that allow Congress to expel a member that “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Neither Senator Josh Hawley nor Senator Ted Cruz has engaged in insurrection, nor have they endorsed it, supported it, or incited it.

Despite this, Democrats have repeatedly claimed the senators incited violence in Washington, D.C. on January 6, despite both having roundly condemned political violence on several occasions.

If the Democrats move forward with the extreme and divisive plan, it will require a two-thirds majority vote in both the House and the Senate.

Have the Democrats ever been this aggressive and divisive before?