U.S. COVID Cases Skyrocket As Testing Increases and Economies Reopen

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- The United States has been the world leader in terms of COVID-19 cases for some time now, and while it’s immediately shocking, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the US is handling it badly or being affected more than other countries. On June 2, more than 52,000 new COVID cases occurred in the United States over 24 hours.

The news comes as COVID cases rise dramatically all over the world, with infection rates hitting a new peak over the last week. Data from the World Health Organization shows that roughly 160,000 new cases occur every day.

Johns Hopkins University is keeping a tally of cases in the United States, and as a result of data showing spikes in some parts of the country, governors are taking drastic action to reverse the easing of lockdown measures. Some states have imposed two-week quarantines on people who visit from out of state. New York is one such state which imposed the rules last week, advising visitors that their out-of-state license plates may be enough for police officers to pull them over and ask why they aren’t self-isolating.

Florida and Texas are also scaling back some of their reopening efforts, banning the consumption of alcohol in bars and reducing the capacity at which restaurants can operate.

The news may well be concerning, but it could also be a result of the fact that the United States has long lead the way in testing. COVID-19 tests are readily available across the United States, and as more people are tested, more cases are logged.

That being said, the United States is a huge country and it was always going to see the virus spread slowly across the country. Lockdown measures could be implemented and relaxed repeatedly at least until the end of the year.

As a result of the spike, many retail stores have chosen to start closing again. Apple announced that some 30 stores would be closed on Thursday, more than half of them in California.

The United States federal government also announced a major purchase of remdesivir, the first antiviral drug officially recognized as capable of reducing death rates in COVID-19 patients.

So while the spikes may be a cause for concern, measures are being taken to reduce the impact of this spike and to ensure hospitals are equipped with life-saving drugs.