U.S. Coronavirus Deaths DOUBLE in Two Days, Now Over 2,000

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- It’s easy to feel safe and disconnected from the coronavirus chaos impacting New York City, but new figures show just how contagious (and deadly) the virus can be. In just 48 hours, the death toll of the coronavirus topped 2,000, with 672 coming from New York City.

The deadly Chinese coronavirus causes only mild symptoms in the majority of people infected. However, some people require hospitalization and medical treatment. Older patients and people with pre-existing health conditions are much more likely to be hit harder by the disease, and thousands are already dying.

At the beginning of the week, the death toll in the U.S. peaked 1,000. It had taken almost a month to reach that level, showing just how quickly the virus is spreading.

John Hopkins University reported that the total number of coronavirus cases in the country, as of the week ending 29th March, topped 124,686. The United States has not reached the same level of death as other major nations like Italy, however. In Italy, more than 10,000 people have died from the virus as their medical system struggled to keep up with treatment. Italy was also hurt badly by being one of the first major nations to be hit by the virus before sufficient tests were available.

The United States is in a better position as the virus is now only beginning to spread at a rapid rate, when more personal protective equipment is on the way and millions of people could soon have access to vital test kits.

In China, more than 80,000 cases have been reported so far. The Chinese government reported some 3,000 deaths, though the data cannot be verified as the ruling Communist Party previously attempted to cover up the existence of the virus.

As the virus continues to hit some parts of the country hard, President Trump continues working with medical specialists and even the military to relieve some of that pressure.

This week, the United States Navy will dock the USNS Comfort in New York City. The hospital ship will provide essential beds to help relieve the pressure on New York hospitals.