Trump VOWS to Protect Statues: “NOT GOING TO HAPPEN”

( President Donald Trump hasn’t exactly been proactive in defending statues against far-left mobs lately, let’s be honest. The president told Democratic governors that if they did not request support from the National Guard to quell the violence, then he would send in the military – but he didn’t.

After weeks of Democrat inaction, however, it looks like the President is following through with his word. On Wednesday, the president said at White House that he will protect statues of the Founding Fathers of the United States, and Jesus, from violent mobs of far-left activists seeking to tear them down.

“I think many of the people that are knocking down these statues don’t even have any idea what the statue is, who it is,” President Trump said.

“They’re looking at Jesus Christ. They’re looking at George Washington. They’re looking at Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson. Not going to happen,” he said. “Not going to happen as long as I’m here.”

His comments come as Shaun King, a radical pro-black, anti-white, and far-left activist tells his followers that he thinks it’s time to remove any statues, painting, or stained glass windows that depict Jesus as a white European man. King, whose own family say he is 100% white European despite portraying himself as black, has made this argument for many years.

See that? Jesus is a white supremacist or something.

During a joint press conference at the White House with Andrzej Duda, the president of Polish, President Donald Trump weighed in on the ongoing riots across America that have seen countless statues and monuments to historical American leaders defaced and destroyed.

President Duda also commented on the ongoing destruction and explained how the statue of Tadeusz Kościuszko in Lafayette Square had also been defaced by far-left radicals.

The only question now is…when is Donald Trump going to send in the military to stop them?