Trump To Visit Kenosha, Survey Damage & Support Local Police

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( President Donald Trump will reportedly visit Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday. The president is expected to survey the damage done by far-left rioters from Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and various other Democrat-supporting political groups. Kenosha has been subject to nights of violence, arson, and extremist activity since the police shot criminal Jacob Blake.

White House spokesman Judd Deere told reporters while aboard Air Force One that President Trump intends to meet law enforcement in the city “and survey damage from recent riots.” He did not say, however, whether President Donald Trump will visit the family of Jacob Blake. If he does, it’s unlikely that he will be there to condemn the police officers who did their job.

Footage of the incident shows Jacob Blake resisting arrest as police officers told him to “drop the knife.” When he reached into his vehicle while walking away from police officers, they shot to disable the man so that he could not cause harm to people around him. Blake has since been admitted to hospital and did not die from his injuries, but officers successfully protected those around him. Blake has a history of violence, domestic abuse, and sexual assault, and at the time of the incident, there was an active warrant for his arrest.

President Donald Trump’s visit follows a series of polls showing the people of Wisconsin increasingly supporting him in his efforts to be re-elected. In 2016, President Trump shocked political pundits by winning the state by a small margin which hadn’t been won by a Republican presidential candidate for decades. A show of support to the people of Wisconsin who have been hurt so badly by far-left demonstrators will undoubtedly serve to help the president, while a visit from Joe Biden – which has been discussed – will probably focus more around the idea that Blake was a victim of a racist shooting.

Which the evidence shows he wasn’t. Police shoot armed white people who resist arrest too.

President Trump has repeatedly offered to send in the National Guard to assist with the unrest and despite resistance from local Democrats, more law enforcement has successfully been moved in to help quell the violence.