Trump LEADS By Four Points In Florida Among Likely Voters In New Poll

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( President Donald Trump has a substantial four-point lead among likely voters In Florida, according to a new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post. The poll, released on Wednesday, shows that out of 765 Florida voters – with 613 likely to vote – President Trump leads Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden 51% to 47%.

It’s remarkably different to earlier polls that suggested Biden had a substantial lead in swing states, including Florida. When combined with the likelihood that Trump voters are not telling the truth to pollsters – a phenomenon witnessed in the 2016 result – it suggests that President Donald Trump is on track to beat the Democrats in key swing states like Florida.

Among registered voters in Florida – not likely­ voters – President Donald Trump and Joe Biden are statistically tied, with 47% choosing Trump and 48% choosing Biden.

“The result in Florida befits its swing-state status, with sharp differences across regions and demographic groups,” the survey explains. “A challenge for Biden is his tepid 13-point lead among Hispanics in the 2 state (using registered voters for an adequate sample size); Hillary Clinton won Florida Hispanics by 27 percentage points in 2016, yet narrowly lost the state.”

It comes as President Donald Trump’s support among Hispanic and Black voters rises to historic levels for Republican presidential candidate.

“Trump also does better than elsewhere in Florida among college-educated whites – though far better still with their non-college counterparts,” the survey added.

President Donald Trump has a double-digit lead over Biden among registered voters on the economy. On handling the coronavirus, however, Biden has the edge by five points.

The same survey also revealed that Biden and Trump are statistically tied in Arizona among registered voters as well as likely voters. It’s the first time in a while, however, that gives Trump some positive numbers in the state.

A particularly interesting nugget from the survey, however, is that liberals may not be as motivated to vote in 2020 as they were in 2016. It seems to go against the common judgement that liberals are so desperate to remove Trump from office that they would be even more motivated than last time, but the survey specifically said that “fewer liberals appear as likely voters compared with the 2016 exit polls” and that “Conservatives account for nearly four in 10 voters; liberals, about two in 10.”

Are we looking at a Trump landslide here?