Trump LEADING in North Carolina, Surge Against Far-Left Biden Continues

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( Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is slipping in the polls the more he is forced to face the public in the run-up to the November presidential election. A new poll from Rasmussen Reports showed that President Donald Trump is leading Biden by one point in North Carolina, a key battleground state.

President Donald Trump has 48 percent support to Biden’s 47 percent. The shift is significant as it shows people are turning their backs on Joe Biden after polling initially showed him enjoying quite substantial leads. Combine the latest poll results with the established “Shy Trump” effect, whereby people don’t tell pollsters that they intend to vote for Trump over fear of repercussions from leftists, and Trump could be on track to win battleground states with large majorities in November.

It’s just another poll that shows President Trump regaining momentum after a turbulent month. President Trump has eaten into Biden’s lead substantially, with national polls showing Biden only three points ahead. That’s almost within the margin of error and doesn’t take into account the Shy Trump effect. Not only that, but the presidential election is won on the Electoral College and not the national vote, so things are starting to look better for the president.

The latest Rasmussen poll says that of the 750 likely voters questioned, Trump leads Biden by one point when “leaners” are included.

“This poll is one data point suggest that the recent Trump rebound has some legs, especially in battleground state,” the report added.

The poll also revealed some new information. It found that people believe President Trump will win the election. Those who were asked who they think will win, regardless of their own personal opinion, Trump beat Biden by some six points.

“Also worth noting is that Trump beats Biden by 4 points in the favorability rating (48-44) with 54% of North Carolinians holding an unfavorable opinion of Joe Biden,” the report added. “Trump’s job approval rating stands at 51%.”

The Trump rebound really could be happening here. In the coming months, the president has the opportunity to keep proving that he can maintain economic growth as the country leaves lockdown. Combined with Biden’s expected dismal performance at the upcoming debates, and Trump looks in with a good shot in November.