Trump Ad Says Biden Is HIDING from “Decades Of Failure”

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( With a new campaign manager in place, the Trump re-election campaign is moving full steam ahead. A slew of new campaign ads has been released, including one that plays on the common observation that Biden doesn’t like to leave his basement. The video, which was aired on Wednesday for the first time, alleges that Bien is hiding from the people and trying to escape his decades of failure.

Let’s not forget, Biden has been in elected politics since 1970. That’s half a century ago.

“Deep in the heart of Delaware, Joe Biden sits in his basement alone, hiding, diminished, refusing to answer questions about the crazy far-left ideas that he has adopted,” the narrator can be heard saying in the video.

The video shows footage of Biden in the makeshift office created in his basement, where he sits at a desk in front of stage lights and reads from notes and a teleprompter. It shows just how disastrous his campaign is, and how so much of it comes from this tiny space underground in Delaware.

“A massive tax increase, allowing China and Mexico to steal our jobs, amnesty for illegal immigrants, letting them compete for American jobs,” the narrator continues, making it clear that Biden’s plans will make it harder for Americans to find work during the worst economic downturn in a century. You can thank China for that one.

“Biden has no answers, and after five decades of failure, he never will,” the video ends.

It’s short, powerful, and to the point. It’s exactly the kind of thing the Trump campaign needs during this difficult political time. Americans are very aware that the economy is struggling as a result of lockdown measures, and it the fact that Biden supports amnesty for millions of illegals who will immediately compete with Americans for work is questionable to say the least.

Polls continue to show Biden with an inexplicable edge over the president in key swing states, but they did in 2016 too. We’ll see over the coming months, particularly when Biden has shown his face at a debate and left his basement, whether the American people will really place their trust in a man who is willing to advocate extremist left-wing policies at a time when the people are struggling.