TRANSPHOBE! Bloomberg Criticized Democrat’s Transgender Obsession Just LAST YEAR!

( – Michael Bloomberg doesn’t seem to understand the rules of being a Democrat. Within the last few weeks, he has been exposed as believing in fair policing that targets resources at the most likely offenders, he has suggested black and Latino men don’t know “how to behave” at work, and rumors of his sexist treatment of women in his company have hit the papers.

This time, he might not be able to snake his way out of it.

Recently unearthed footage from less than a year ago shows Bloomberg calling a transgender person “some guy in a dress” and attacking the Democrats for their fixation on transgenderism.

This ain’tgonna end well!

Speaking during a discussion at a Bermuda Business Development Agency event in March 2019, Bloomberg said, “If your conversation during a presidential election is about some guy wearing a dress and whether he, she or it can go to the locker room with their daughter…That’s not a winning formula for most people.”

What! Is this guy even a Democrat? Or does he just hate Trump enough to pretend to be one?

BuzzFeed News was responsible for digging up the footage, and boy is it amazing to watch. The former Mayor of New York City even said the issue had “little relevance.” No arguments from us, but he’s going to get attacked by the Bernie Bros and Warren’s far-left supporters for this. No question.

“We’re focusing on a lot of things that have little relevance to people who are trying to live in a world that is changing because of technology and communications and things like that,” he said.

BuzzFeed noted that despite the fact Bloomberg doesn’t seem to be fond of transgenderism, his campaign still published a video on Tuesday pledging “inclusivity” for “LGBT+ youth.” This guy is a real faker, isn’t he?

The video featured Isaac Mizrahi, a fashion designer who said, “Mike is so incredibly sensitive to this issue.”

I wonder how much Mike paid him to say that.

BuzzFeed even noted that, back in 2016, Bloomberg made similar comments about a “man wearing a dress.”

Clearly, Bloomberg disagrees with the Democrats’ lurch to the far left. But, now he’s engaging with it because he knows he needs to in order to win. At the event in 2019, he said:

“And so you can understand where somebody like Trump comes from…You can understand when you look at the Democratic Party, they are so far left that two years ago there was nobody on their side who would take these positions, and today virtually all the candidates for president of the Democratic Party are so progressive. I don’t know what progressive means.”

What does Bloomberg even believe in?