Tom Steyer: Coronavirus Outbreak Proves Trump “Incompetent”

How the Coronavirus Affects the World

( – Billionaire Democrat donor Tom Steyer has made the incredible and irrational claim that the outbreak of the Coronavirus proves that President Donald Trump is “incompetent.”

Steyer, who is also running to be the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, made the astonishing claim during a televised debate described by online commentators as a “dumpster fire.”

During the debate, Steyer referenced the global outbreak of a strain of the Coronavirus that appears to have originated in China. “He’s incompetent,” he said.

“He’s unprepared in terms of the coronavirus to deal with the real world when things go wrong. He’s incompetent and bad for the American people.”

Steyer didn’t explain how the outbreak proved the president is “incompetent,” and failed to acknowledge the fact that, so far, the United States has not been greatly exposed to the virus. In recent days, however, the government has been under increasing pressure to take stricter measures to control the spread of the contagious illness. Nobody in the United States has died from the virus yet, but the virus has made its way across Europe and is causing panic in Italy.

A vacation resort on the Spanish island of Tenerife is currently under lockdown. News outlets report that hundreds of British and other European travelers are expected to be quarantined in the hotel for two weeks.

Mike Bloomberg, not to be outdone by fellow billionaire Steyer, also took aim at the president over his handling of the disease. He falsely suggested that the president had carelessly defunded the Center for Disease Control and fired America’s top pandemic specialist. The truth, however, was that the specialist had departed the Trump administration, resulting in proposed cuts to the CDC.

The spread of the Coronavirus is a concern for all nations, and for leaders of all political persuasions.

In London, England, 300 traders were sent home from offices in Canary Wharf after one worker was tested for the virus. The United Kingdom is to begin mass testing to contain the outbreak.

If the virus is hard to handle in other First World countries a fraction of the size of the United States, then the Democrats don’t have a leg to stand on when they try and use the problem as a stick to beat the president with.