Tom Cotton Reveals Secret Trick To Fix Border Crisis

( President Joe Biden is currently overseeing one of the worst border crises in recent American history, with the number of illegal aliens apprehended by Border Patrol reaching 100,000 in February and more than 15,000 children being detained at the border over the last weekend.

And while the Biden administration thinks that sending in FEMA to handle it and buying free hotel rooms for illegal aliens in Texas and Arizona might ease the burden, Republican Senator Tom Cotton has three ideas that would help Biden easily solve the crisis for good.

And they just so happen to be Trump-era policies that the new president ditched in a series of overreaching Executive Orders.

Speaking to Fox News Sunday, Cotton said that President Trump’s border policies were “highly effective,” and expressed his confusion over the Biden administration claiming that they inherited a “broken system” at the border.

That’s precisely what House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, by the way.

Can you believe that?

“It was the Biden administration that dismantled three highly effective policies,” Cotton said.

First, he said, was the public health exclusionary order, which the Biden administration lifted because it relates to minors.

“Well, guess what we have now at the border? Lots more minors. That’s not a surprise,” he said.

The second policy Cotton said would solve the border crisis, and which was already in place before Biden came in, was the “Remain in Mexico” policy.

Under the Trump-era rule, migrants were kept in the country in which they attempted to gain entry to the United States while applying for asylum – in this instance, Mexico. It meant that U.S. Border Patrol officers were not releasing illegal aliens into the United States who would then simply go on to live illegally in the country without turning up for their day in court.

And finally, he said, was the “safe third country agreement.”

“The so-called safe third country agreement with countries like Guatemala that says if you pass through a country that’s not your own seeking asylum, you have to make that asylum claim in the first country you pass through. That’s the international norm,” Cotton said.

Cotton said that President Biden could solve the border crisis by re-imposing all of those Trump-era measures and that the border is currently “wide open.”

Footage of the chaos at the southern border has leaked and been shared widely online, but the White House continued to refuse to call the issue a crisis.

What about hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens storming the border after promising amnesty and an eight-year path to citizenship isn’t a crisis?