THIRD Georgia County Finds Missing Votes, Investigation Underway Into Forgotten Memory Card

( Election officials in Georgia have begun an investigation into a third county in Georgia where a memory card containing election results may have gone missing. The shocking story comes after two Georgia counties were found to have failed to upload their election results, with both counties voting heavily for President Donald Trump.

According to Gabriel Sterling, an election official representing the Secretary of State, an investigation into a missing memory card containing 224 votes from Walton County is underway.

The New York Times reports that President Donald Trump has a substantial 49-point lead in Wayton County, signaling that this would be yet another instance of a pro-Trump county seeing votes mysteriously go missing.

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who initially announced that Georgia would undertake a hand recount of the ballots cast and perform an audit at the same time, claimed that there was “no sign of foul play.” The audit, however, has not happened. Ballots are being recounted in the state, and the process will be complete by midnight on Wednesday night – however, no audit has taken place that involves the checking of signatures on absentee ballots.

Earlier in the day, Raffensperger announced that 2,755 votes were recovered during the recount that were not included in the original count. The votes were obtained from Fayette County and were not uploaded by election officials. Backups of the memory cards were made to catch this issue and rectify it if staff didn’t properly follow procedure.

It was the second such instance within 24 hours and saw a majority of the votes – 1,577 – cast for President Donald Trump.

President Trump’s legal team continue to push for several battleground states to delay the certification of their results while they continue to compile evidence of what could be widespread voter fraud, including manipulation of vote counts by the Dominion ballot-counting machines.

Lin Wood, one attorney representing the president, said that the Governor and Secretary of State for Georgia were both “corrupt.”

“There was rampant voting fraud in GA depriving President Trump of a landslide win.”