The “Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier” SPEAKS OUT Against Biden!

( – Joe Biden is one of the creepiest candidates the Democrats have ever put forward, let’s be honest. If he’s not kissing his granddaughter on the lips, he’s stroking the hair of a woman he barely knows. Recently, during an event in New Hampshire, he called a 21-year-old female student, called Madison Moore, a “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”

It’s just one of a number of confrontations that Biden has had with voters in recent months, with multiple instances involving him violently poking people in the chest.

When Madison Moore asked the former vice president why they should believe he was capable of turning his campaign around, Biden asked if she had ever been to a caucus before. When the 21-year-old said yes, Biden quickly turned around and said:

“No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier!”

Weirdly, this isn’t actually the first time that Biden has said it. Video of him speaking at a campaign event in 2018 showed him using the insult to refer to Kevin Cramer. At the same speech, he references the movie Pony Soldier, which features John Wayne.

Even with the movie reference, it’s still a weird thing to say. And now, the teenager who he called out is speaking out against the former Democratic presidential frontrunner.

Speaking to Griff Jenkins of Fox News, Moore said:

“A lot of what he’s saying seems to be very pathos based and really very sad. We’ve heard a lot about deaths and cancer and people losing their jobs. And to me, he doesn’t seem very solution-oriented. I don’t think he has the momentum to carry this to a national election.”

Is she wrong?

The young activist didn’t seem phased by the comment but was perfectly fair in her analysis of his campaign.

Until recently, Biden was considered the natural choice for the Democrats. Having served as vice president in Barack Obama’s administration, he has the experience required of a candidate. However, it looks like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg have stolen some of his thunder.

Surely, his campaign hasn’t been helped by the weird things that come out of his mouth, too.