Ted Cruz And 5 Other Senators Vote To Block Unreadable 6,000 Page Legislation

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Not every legislator was in favor of the latest coronavirus relief package, which passed through both chambers of Congress earlier this week.

Ted Cruz from Texas is one of six Republican senators who voted against the $900 billion bill, which was attached to a $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill that will fund the federal government.

On Monday, Cruz released a statement criticizing the attachment of the two bills together, calling it a “legislative monstrosity.” He said this will “escape close scrutiny because three times, congressional Democrats rejected good faith efforts to pass targeted relief.”

Cruz said he would’ve supported the bill had it focused “solely” on getting Americans back to work and reopening the economy. Part of his statement reads:

“For example, the final COVID-19 package rejects Democrats’ misguided attempts to bail out blue states’ underfunded pension plans and replenishes the Paycheck Protection Program — which will go a long way in helping small businesses keep their doors open and employees on the payroll … [It also includes] funding for vaccine procurement and distribution, and will support states in their efforts to expand testing.

“Unfortunately, this behemoth did not end there.”

Cruz focused on the fact that the U.S. is already $27 trillion in debt. He said the bill is no good because it didn’t make any “meaningful spending cuts,” instead advancing only the “interests of the radical Left, special interests and swamp lobbyists, with funding going towards expanding authority for more H-2B visas for foreign workers while a near record number of Americans remain unemployed, as well as laying the ground work for Democrats to implement the ‘Green New Deal’ by claiming a ‘need’ to meet the power demand in the United States through clean, renewable or zero-emission energy sources.”

On Tuesday night, news broke that President Donald Trump doesn’t like the bill, either. In a recorded video he posted to Twitter, he said he may not sign it if Congress doesn’t revisit the amount of money that is being designated for direct payments to Americans.

In the video, the president said:

“I’m asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000 or $4,000 per couple. I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items in this legislation or to send me a suitable bill.”

Trump didn’t say he would veto the bill that sits on his desk, but he did suggest the next administration — which he suggested might still be him — would have to sign a relief bill if Congress didn’t amend the current one. He also said:

“A few months ago, Congress started negotiations on a new package to get urgently needed help to the American people. It’s taken forever. However, the bill they are now planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated. It really is a disgrace.”

The president and White House officials didn’t provide any more context or comment following the release of the video.