Tara Reade To Publish Book About How Liberal Media Buried Her Story And Treated Her Poorly To Protect Joe Biden

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- The liberal-leaning media gave Joe Biden accuser Tara Reade little airtime and even less credibility, and now she’s set to lay it all out on her own in a new book.

Reade, who in March went public with accusations that Biden forcibly penetrated her while she was a staffer for the then-Senator in 1993, is set to release her book “Left Out: When the Truth Doesn’t Fit In.” The book specifically describes Reade’s experience with liberal media organizations such as MSNBC and CNN, who both buried her story and didn’t want to tell the truth.

Rose McGowan, an actress and activist who was particularly vocal about Reade not getting the attention she deserved, wrote the introduction to the book. It reads:

“Fake news isn’t only what’s written, it’s what’s purposely omitted. When it comes to observing the cabal of liberal media titans working against Tara, the only word that comes to mind is sad.”

Part of Reade’s book describes her interaction with Beth Reinhard of the Washington Post. A few excerpts from the book explain the situation:

“Later that morning, a strident female voice with an East Coast twang called. ‘Tara?’ she asks. I answered ‘Yes?’ ‘This is Beth Reinhard from The Washington Post. You have come forward with a sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden. Don’t you realize this will hurt his campaign?’

“She is almost shouting at me. I was stunned and silent for a second. I had talked to reporters before, including The Post in 2019, when I discussed the sexual harassment I endured in Joe Biden’s office. However, this was the first time I was scolded. She continued her questions that sounded more like statements. I stayed on the phone to answer all of them.”

The book continues:

“’Did he move his hand upwards?’ she (Reinhard) asked. I felt a sharp intake of my own breath. What does she mean? I wondered. Finally, in a more assertive tone, Beth asked, ‘Did he touch your clitoris?’ I stammered as I acknowledged he had moved his hand upwards after he pulled out his fingers.

“Was she implying that I experienced pleasure? Or was she trying to make it sound consensual? What did this even mean? She repeated her question, which I heard as an echo. The conversation ended with my sobbing. ‘Oh, Tara. I will call you back,’ she stated impatiently in that discernable [sic] Eastern affect. She hung up. There was a double click as she disconnected.”

Reade also writes about treatment she received from the New York Times. The book reads:

“Did I think Lisa Lerer or Jim Rutenberg at the NYT recognized their bias or cruelty toward me? No. I just don’t think they cared that they misrepresented my life and destroyed my reputation to protect the status quo. I do know that Lisa Lerer will not be able to look her own daughter in the eye for the ugly way she treated my story to protect a powerful man.”

There are sure to be even more nuggets from Reade’s book that are telling of how the liberal media decided to handle Reade’s allegations.