So Sweet – Watch Trump Pay Tribute To Melania And Barron

( – For all the talk of President Donald Trump being tough and brutal, he’s actually quite the family man! His love for his family was evident at the end of a speech he gave at the White House on Thursday, following the Senate vote to acquit him of all impeachment charges.

Speaking about his children, the president said:

“I want to apologize to my family for having them have to go through a phoney, rotten deal by some very evil and sick people. And Ivanka is here, and my sons, and my whole family. And that includes Barron. He’s up there, he’s a young boy. Stand up, honey. Ivanka, thank you, honey.”

Trump then focused on his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, kissing her and thanking her.

He continued:

“So, I just want to thank my family for sticking through it. This was not part of the deal. I was going to run for president, and if I won, I was going to do a great job.”

Incredibly, the left-wing press doubled down on this sweet family moment and made the shocking claim that Melania Trump had attempted to avoid her husband’s kiss. When Melania turned her face to receive a peck on the cheek, the media spun it as an attempt to avoid kissing her husband.

As if the First Lady was ready for a full-on public display of affection in front of the world’s media! The press calls it uncomfortable, the Trumps call it classy.

In his speech, the president also said, “I didn’t know that I was going to run and then when I got in I was going to have to run again and again and again, every week, I had to run again. That wasn’t the deal, but they stuck with me…And I’m so glad I did it, because we are making progress and doing things for our great people that everybody said couldn’t be done.”

In true Trump style, the full speech covers a variety of topics, is full of wit and jokes, but at the same time touches on important topics. It’s worth a watch, if only to see what the Democrats and media have put his innocent family through.

49 thoughts on “So Sweet – Watch Trump Pay Tribute To Melania And Barron

  1. Donald Trump is the greatest president ever and he is making the U.S. great again! He meets with a lot of obstruction in what he is trying to do, but he gets it done and the evil democrats with their hatred cannot see past their noses, that Donald Trump is achieving, what Oh-bah-ma could not do, because Oh-bah-ma was out for himself and let the country down in a every possible way!

    1. Madelyn, I Totally AGREE with YOU ! We HAve A President LIKE the Whole WORLD Wishes THEY HAD one JUST LIKE HIM !! BUT>There IS ONLY ONE Donald J. TRUMP !! And HE is OURS !! He Has Worked Every Minute Of his TIME Since Becoming OUR President….TO Make America GREAT !! And HE IS Keeping HIS Every Promise TO US””(( Deplorables !! )) YES ! Don`t WE LOVE HIM !!! Roll All of those WANNABES UP into ONE BUNDLE>>TIE THEM TOGETHER..AND THAT WHOLE Bunch COULD NOT EVER MAKE EVEN ONE GOOD ??TRUMP !! THEY ALL Simple FALL SHORT of BEING>>Even GOOD Shark Catching BAIT !! YAAA!!! 2020 !!!

      1. I am an older senior citizen & I have been through several pres. elections & as a true American. President Trump has done more for our country than any previous President in our recent history bar none!

      2. I am an older senior citizen & I have been through several pres. elections & as a true American. President Trump has done more for our country than any previous President in our recent history bar none! Keep truckin Mr. President. Go Trump 20/20. God Bless the USA.

    2. Amen on the President being Awesome and Ffirst Lady as well. The Donkeys are evil and serpents, bust they are ENVIOUS rotten ENVIOUS! They will pay, because everything evil they doo, backfires! God Bless Pres. TRUMP & family and God Bless the USA!

    3. …..

    4. You can’t even spell fool! Trump is a great man, I don’t see other presidents or even whit house official donate there pay checks!!

    5. Trump Is the absolute worst president we have ever had.
      He will destroy our nation if he is not removed from the white house come November 3.

  2. If the left could see themselves and how immature and babyish they are, they should be ashamed of themselves . They need to grow up mentally so they can act their age. They are acting like kindergarten bullies. In fact I’ve never seen young bullies act as immature as they do!as old as they are and as big and as long as they have been in congress I guess it’s more senile than childish.we need term limits, starting now! No more time for these, they’ve done their term and a lot more!

      1. And He ALWAYS has a reason for what He does & what He allows.
        It took Republicans suffering under 8 years of obummer to get off their complacent backsides, realize that if hitlary would win we’d be living in the same hell that the people under hitler lived in.
        Today EVERY other country is so corrupt with evil liberals, some even worse than ours, that even with how PRESIDENT TRUMP has built up our military…better weapons, protections, accommodations, whatever they need, I’m not sure they could hold off 95% of the world’s armies. We don’t really have many allies left thanks to obummer & his communist buddies throughout the world.
        It’s the ages-old story of the frog in the pot of water… warming it up slowly.
        obummer put MANY communistic plans in place but what a lot of people didn’t know was they were muzzie plans in actuality. Remember his HUGE ‘apology tour’ to the mideast where he bowed to all those muzzie leaders.

  3. The Democrats only represent hate.
    They actually hate so much that they
    would rather see our entire America
    fail than see President Trump suceed for America. Plus they allow babies to be aborted even after a live birth.
    This is so evil. The election will be held soon, and I hope you will vote the side that is for our America.
    We are not communnist, or a new packaged word called socialist.
    Trump is for us, and I hope Trump Jr. Continues right after. I want my children to live in a free United States.

    1. Thank you for such a great comment. I agree completely with you.
      He is the only one that I trust to keep America FREE and a REPUBLIC…
      If only they could be sent to Cuba or Venezuela… just to check it out
      they would change their minds in just a few minutes of being in that hell.

  4. All very good comments. How our President accomplishes so much while being attacked from the media and the democrats(and some rino’s) is amazing. We are SO lucky to have him. Also, it was great to see him and Melania at the Daytona 500…and I felt proud at how he was welcomed.

    1. If your a Left Ring, corrupt Democrat your going to hate our 45th “President Trump”, with it you get a devoted family. Sorry, that you hate hiim because I refused to look at the last president and his family. I won’t look at the Obama’s today.

  5. Praise the Lord for Trump. The Lord gave us a reprieve and we don’t deserve it because of all the wickedness the democrats, media and public schools do. Nobody would have done as much as our wonderful President has done!!!

  6. What you aren’t getting is the left and all that are with them are trying to save theirs lives. Remember, Trump isn’t finished draining the swamp. DOJ , congress, FBI and Fake News n all the Democrats, there aren’t enough jails to hold them. So you see they don’t care what they sound or act like, if they stop they are finished.


  8. I love my President, Donald J. Trump. He is the Greatest President Ever. I’ve been voting for many years and never have we had a President that has worked so hard for we the People. Promises made, Promises kept! All his accomplishments have been achieved without any help from the democrats. They have been missing-in-action from day one! Can you just imagine how much more he could accomplish if he had back-up from the democrats. What a shame and to think their hearts are filled with so much hatred against our President and God. We the People will show them come November election day! FOUR MORE YEARS! President Trump, don’t let up and just keep doing what your doing because we the People are behind you 110%. You are doing a terrific job! May God Build a hedge of thorns around You and Your Family. God Bless You and God Bless America. M.A.G.A

    1. God doesn’t always choose a “saintly” person to do his bidding. I believe God saw the path this nation was on and sent us someone (Donald Trump) to right the course. Thank you Lord. Of course you picked the only person in the world with the backbone, resources, stamina and resolve and beholden to no one who could do the job. Donald Trump has delivered more than anyone could have dreamed, don’t stop now!!

  9. Honey, if you are a Christian ask God to open your eyes to truth! If you aren’t then there is no hope for you. Sorry you are in such a bitter place. God is good!

  10. Obama wanted to 1. Dismantle our constitution; 2. Advance the Muslim agenda and 3. Turn this nation into a third-world country. Trump is reversing all of that because he truly loves this country and all its citizens!

  11. Obama wanted to do three things: 1. Dismantle our constitution; 2. Advance the Muslim agenda and 3. Turn this nation into a third-world country. Trump is reversing all of that because he truly loves this country and all its citizens! It used to be that people would “agree to disagree” and “live and let live,” but now the hatred is so virulent on the left that they are totally incapable of acting in any rational manner it seems. Their sense of humor, fairness, decency and honesty has all been replaced by an implacable, irrational loathing of anything or anyone that disagrees with them. What a miserable life that must be to be so consumed with such a negative, toxic attitude that extends even to casually extinguishing the life of a helpless, innocent infant, and then daring to defend that horror.

  12. I am a woman and I fully support President Trump. My husband has never tried to influence how I vote, even though he also supports President Trump. I actually have hope for the future of our country now. Trump 2020!LL

    1. John, our environment is getting help from OUR PRESIDENT. PRESIDENT Trump opened coal mines saying coal that is mined must be “clean coal” – coal that when it burns, the carbon emissions must be recaptured. The USA has cut its carbon emission level 25% under PRESIDENT Trump – the lowest of all countries. His administration has funded water improvements for Flint, MI – where the water was disgusting and undrinkable in 2015. It is now drinkable. His administration has just provided $50 million to save the FL Everglades. Those are but a few issues PRESIDENT Trump has handled to improve the environment. So, he’s trying. As for the deportation issue, we can thank the DEMONazis and RINOs (also Chamber of Commerce, K Street, Wall Street, big business who want ILLEGAL INVADERS) so they can have cheap help and who own the DEMONazis and RINOs, so they block OUR PRESIDENT’s every move, even to frivolous litigation clogging the courts while only presented to left-wing, loon, political judicial activists who decree a nationwide injunction stopping is actions.

  13. Such diverse reactions as always on websites as this. This proves indeed how some people have no
    love of God, have no God in their lives and only hate, try to “get even” or “get the other guy” and it
    will go on forever. God gives us free will and this IS THE STORY of the world today. No hateful
    media needed..this is what is going on in all of our world today. This hate will destroy these people
    and pray for them. They “no not what they do!” I do believe that God had his hand in this last
    election…Look at what is “up” for the Dem’s today….all hateful things that will destroy our America
    as we know it. Out with Socialism…out with the hate that the Dems are showing. No wonder they
    can’t run a small caucus, they know nothing about what this great country needs. The media
    is to blame and we as educated adults will make very sure that no one but President Donald J. Trump
    is elected. We pray for him and pray that God is guiding him daily to fight the hate in this world.

  14. Diddo magas for our wonderful President Trump. May God bless and keep him safely under His protective wings.I pray for a landslide win in Nov. 2020.

    1. Larry, you need to stop staying up beyond your bedtime and put your toys away. There is no “kool-aid” involved, but study and prayer and looking at the results. I’m sorry that you have been triggered by common sense instead of saluting it. There are just so many of you who inevitably choose the wrong side that it must be from drinking the water you leftists bathe in…if you even do bathe. Perhaps it’s not your fault, but the fault of your parents who made bad choices and refuse to give them up. My wonderful father voted Democrat until I was old enough to realize that there are two sides to every story, and he switched parties because he could see the effects of his “old, defunct, corrupt, and decrepit party” on his life and ours. It seems that the left is still producing mini-libs and depriving them of a good, sound education. I suppose that figures, since you didn’t learn anything, I am sorry for you, but it’s not too late to change.

  15. What do you expect from media, no more news just opinions and we all know how that goes, media wants to run this country and we the people would be very stupid to allow the FAKE news to do this. Stand up Americans and boycott all news that doesn’t report the full facts and dig for their stories, but I guess real news like President Trumps triumphs is not real news to them the fake news,

  16. The dems have plenty of reason to hate and be scared of Trump he will stop,them from stealing our hard earned tax monies every chance they get. Term limits should be next on his agenda this will solve most of his and our problems.

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