SJWs Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis

( – Conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh has announced he was diagnosed with cancer shortly after his birthday in January and will be undergoing chemotherapy. In an episode of his popular radio show, Limbaugh explained that he began experiencing problems in January and was recently diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. Initially, he said, he thought his problems were a result of his asthma but turned out to be much more serious.

He offered no information about his prognosis and whether the condition is likely to be terminal, but he did say that he will continue hosting his show on as many days as he is physically capable.

The news shook the conservative world, with outpourings of love and support for the Republican stalwart coming through various social media channels. However, the rage and contempt of far-left radicals couldn’t be held in.

SJWs have posted sickening memes, GIFs, and tweets celebrating Rush Limbaugh’s illness.

The Post Millennial reported that replies underneath a tweet by the Huffington post announcing the news were particularly extreme, mocking Limbaugh and suggesting his cancer diagnosis was “karma.”

One tweet, from user @MOhlhoff, read:

“Counterpoint to what seems to be the prevailing opinion on Rush Limbaugh’s cancer:

Fuck Rush Limbaugh.

Also, fuck his cancer for being 40 years too late.”

User @Dan_Marsh_ posted multiple pictures of Rush Limbaugh smoking cigars, offering the comment:

“Big shoutout to cigars for all their hard work. Fuck Rush Limbaugh.”

The insults didn’t all come from faceless and nameless Twitter accounts, either. Even the blue checkmarks started to chime in.

Writer and comedian Nick Jack Pappas wrote:

“I’m so sorry for lung cancer, no one deserves Rush Limbaugh. I wish him the best medical care he’s worked on denying to others.”

Writer and comedian Johnny McNulty said:

“It’s not cool to joke about Rush Limbaugh having cancer. You might jinx it.”

The vitriol and hatred continue to pour out on Twitter into a second day and is reminiscent of when professor Jordan Peterson was mocked online for checking into rehab following his wife’s cancer diagnosis.

54 thoughts on “SJWs Celebrate Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Diagnosis

    1. I would not wish this on my worst enemy. From what I understand this is painful and chemo is not a cake walk. I send prayers to Rush for a speedy recovery.

      1. Same here, I’m SO very sorry to hear OUR Rush has that awful , Cancer, but if with Gods help, Rush will over come this dreadful thing, our prayers are with you our beloved , Rush, our prayers will get u well again, God will be with u, allthe way, God Bless u Rush…

        1. I am going to the side effects of stage 4 tonsil cancer and had to have the most radiation and chemo that a human can endure. Christ health that huge tumor, but I am left with horrible side effects. I pray for Rush. Many people could not take what it takes to live with this horrible disease. I want to tell him to keep giving it to Jesus as He will help him through. God bless you Rush.

        1. Good point however just because you cant see air that you breath if it were gone you would surly miss it. Just saying God knows he exists even if they refuse to believe what they see, or not.

    2. You should look in to Gerber Cancer clinic in Mexico they claim 100 to 1 cure rate it’s expensive and they claim it three weeks you can find them on the Internet

    1. He always tells it like it is and the ones who get the messages are the scorners, but no matter even those who scorn him it is not his pain he would ever wish on you, just remember the one saying do unto others as you want done unto you. Pain is not one. Opinions are great, both can be right.

    1. “Nasty” is the understatement of the century! They’re vile and evil. That’s the difference between the left and right. The left goes crazy to outdo each other with their hatred. When someone on the left says something hateful, the other conservatives jump all over them.

  1. Every American should read what the Democrats said about Rush Limbaugh’s four-stage lung cancer diagnosis . These hateful words only demonstrate how cruel and hateful these Democrats who post these comments really are. My advice to them is: please leave my country if a democracy doesn’t suit your needs. Go live in any Communist or Socialist country and see how happy you will be. No one is stopping you. LEAVE please.

    1. Our Country would be so much nicer, so much kinder, so much more appreciated, if in fact these HATEFUL Democrats did, in fact leave and went to live anywhere else since they Dislike, Despise and Demean The Greatest Nation on Earth… Remember always, “WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD INDIVISIBLE WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA… ❤️

      1. I don’t agree with the liberals, but I wouldn’t say vicious things about anybody, that was suffering with that terrible disease as Rush is, IT could come back and u could develop CANCER as well , so be careful what u wish for pathetic person!!

  2. Sad for those who don’t like it told as it is. That always hurts the ones who love misery company. Not a big deal no one really pays any attention to them. They are the exact one he tells it like is too, but one thing is for sure those of you who are healthy at this point, he hopes you would never have to be him and have the pain he has to be going thru. Think and if you become older and suffer to old saying as you say what goes around can come around. You have someone above us all that will answer your ? when time to open the right door.

  3. How much lower and heartless can the Dems get? Their out of control lust for power and their desire to “fundamentally change” America (re Obama) into their socialistic and communistic ideology is nothing short of real EVIL! They STILL refuse to accept the results of the 2016 election. They HATE TRUMP a whole lot more than they love America as we have known it. They want to have all control of. I hope TRUMP will defeat the Dems by a huge landslide!!

  4. those people that are happy for Limbaugh’s diagnosis are so evil and horrible. THey are not humans and I certainly would not want any of them to have anything to do with the success of our great country. THey do not have the mentality to make proper solutions.
    SO it remains GO TRUMP and a perfect remission for Rush.

  5. We pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you are HEALED of this! Also, look up websites of FAITH preachers (Kenneth Copeland, Kenny Hagin, for starters) and start filling yourself with HEALING Scriptures. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. When people spew this type of hate it will come back on them. They are the ones that will have to stand trial before God for their actions on judgement day. The dems and libs seem to forget who ultimately is in control; God himself. They can blow it off and people not believe. They will see.

  7. I at one time did not like Rush but looking back I was a Democrat with my head up my butt. One day Rush said something I knew to be true and my head popped out of my butt and I became a conservative. These people saying bad things about Rush need an enema to get their heads out of their butts. Maybe some of their crap will come out too. God Bless America and God save Rush Limbaugh.

  8. I am fed up with librals. They attack people with their cars and think they should be let free. They have all become hate mongers. All librals are so full of hate. When they meet t bgg ere maker they will be sorry and Rush will just laugh in heaven.

  9. Those comments are not coming from human beings, I don’t even know what to call them, but there is
    nothing nice or good I can say about them. What kind of an upbringing did they have? it makes me wonder
    how they were raised and are their parents proud of them???? I would be horrified if one of my children
    were to speak in that manner and wish such horrible things on another human. I will not reciprocate and
    wish them the same, because I consider myself a kinder soul. I will pray for them, and hope that God
    will reach out to them and show them the way to be humane and kind. They are all on the wrong path
    and they will have to face their maker one day, I hope they change their attitude and develop some sense
    of decency and empathy for other humans no matter what their beliefs are. Amen

    1. Thank you Gloria. I so agree with you and feel the same way. I can’t imagine the hate and vitriol that must be inside of them to say these kinds of things about another human being, no matter how much they disagree with his politics. It’s very sad and disturbing to see this happening to so many people on the left.

    2. Limbaugh’s vile, hateful, divisive, evil, mean, trashy talk has come back to haunt him. If you agree with the hate he has spread through out his “career”, I have to wonder if you are a human being?? You have the audacity to defend his years and years of hate speech, WOW, how were you raised????

  10. they should be watchful about what they say cause it could be them or one of their family members coming down with a horrible illness next! God bless Rush!

  11. Stupid people say stupid things, and Democrats are experts at it. They are never happy and kind, they are always hateful and mean, always. Look at crazy Bernie and AOC, calling us all racist with no proof what so ever.

  12. The evil “Demon” party are miserable, so they can only put someone down, that’s already down. Kick them when tbey are down. They can act rough and tough, just remember that when you meet Jesus, you have to give an account of your life. What can you ever possibly say that will let you enter into the Kingdom of God, with the hateful heart. But again, I guess you must not believe in God. If you did, you would Not be acting as childish as you do. God have mercy on your soul on judgement day.

  13. Blessings to RUSH and all the fine things he has done for others. His yearly work for those living with leukemia was something to behold. My husband suffered with leukemia and the Leukemia Society was a God-send for us and many others.
    The MILLLIONS of friends across this country and world are sending Get Well Wishes to you. I feel sure you have a Good Team of Doctors and YOU WILL LICK
    this cancer. My friend has had it too and the week before Christmas got the good news…she was now Cancer-free! She was a couple years in treatments but they worked!

  14. Rush Limbaugh has been a very abrasive individual, so, if you don’t like him, turn his show off! Period. The most beautiful part about this information, other than it is free, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this mess out! Who, in their right mind, would sit there festering in their own juices and getting madder and madder at what Rush Limbaugh was saying? THAT would be an insane act all on its own! There are things he said that I liked and things that were not so likable. That is how he lived his life, I guess. I am in no way a judge of Rush Limbaugh’s life one way or another. Addressing his cancer, though, I will pray for him and his family. Cancer is a horrible disease. If I could give any advise to Rush Limbaugh it would be this: You are in the fight of your life, you cantankerous son-of-a-gun, fight like you have fought this fight before and may God be with you!

  15. I hope Rush inquires about the CyberKnife treatment and discusses it with his doctors. Look what it did for Jimmy Carter. He was never admitted to a hospital but only went for about five treatments of about 45 minutes each. He was home every night, and the treatments kept working in his cancerous brain while he slept at night.

    It may not be for Stage Four Cancer, but from the information I’ve gathered from literature and radio programs, I think it would be the first treatment I’d like to consider, if I ever had cancer. Rush, focus on God and all His wonderful promises for mankind in times of trouble. The joy of the Lord is our strength. God is love.

  16. Such statements like this is what comes from people listening to them 4 raghead b—h’s. If it wasone of their family they would sing a different tune.

  17. Such statements like this is what comes from people listening to them 4 raghead b—h’s. If it wasone of their family they would sing a different tune. No this hasn’t already been sent.

  18. If you really think about it, the main stream media are the ones indoctrinating all these stupid liberals with the propaganda that they are spewing out of their mouths. They need to go away. I can now see how Hitler got started. It’s hard to say but these socialist media outlets should not be allowed to exist because of all the harm they’re doing to our country. And the sad part about it is the stupid And brain washed liberals don’t even realize what is happening to them. We need four more years of Donald Trump and least another 20 years of a tough conservative president. Either that or the second coming of Christ.

  19. Demonize those who disagree with you was Hitlers Nazi protocol. It’s now the tactics of the Democrat Party. My thread of hope for our country is in a well known quote which says “Hatred never fails to corrode the vessel in which its carried“. This so describes their insanity.

  20. There are only two world views. One is without God – the other with God. Those who mock Rush are living their self-determined lives believing they have it down pat. They don’t! Because they too live by the choices they make. They are controlled by their allegiance to the one who is full of hate. Rush, like so many of us, take Jesus at His word. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” What better hands to place these mockers in than that of the living God. Relax, dear ones. God has it all under control.

  21. It is a shame that people have to so cruel to wish Rush would die.
    i hope and pray that he makes a remarkable recovery Cancer can
    be very painful and stressful.
    God Bless Rush and I will pray for him

  22. I agree with the general consensus that it is a sad thing for a group of people to celebrate the onset of something as vile as cancer, on anyone. I abhor the actions of the left, but no matter how evil they are, I would never wish a disease like cancer or any other misfortune on them. Having been a nurse for many years, I have seen what horrible things disease can do. Sometimes it was people I didn’t particularly like. I never let it stop me from giving the very best care I could. It is a sad day indeed when we lose our humanity and act like evil barbarians. May God have mercy on them when karma sets in with pay-back because it will. As for Rush Limbaugh, I pray he would be one of the miracles that sometimes occurs and for those who wish evil upon their fellow human beings–I pray their eyes would be opened and they would see the error of their ways and repent.

  23. Aren’t these the same people who keep repeating “hate has no place here “? I guess unless you don’t think like them then its okay.


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