Rubio Predicts China Will PARALYZE American Society

( – Florida Senator Marco Rubio announced this week that the United States has reason to be concerned about potential conflict with China. The former presidential hopefully said that Chinese officials are distributing technology produced in their country in the United States and other Western nations that could, in time, create a huge societal disruption if conflict ever occurs.

“We have never faced that sort of vulnerability in the backbone of our country,” he said.

And he’s right. China is the biggest manufacturer of electronics products in the world. The country not only sells products from companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party, but even manufactures equipment, handheld devices, computers, and more for American companies like Apple.

What’s more, Chinese state-owned tech company Huawei has been at the center of a scandal relating to its 5G technology. The United States has refused to allow Huawei to participate in the development of the American 5G network, but the United Kingdom hasn’t followed suit. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced recently that Huawei will play a part in developing his country’s 5G network in a limited capacity.

Military strategists, politicians, and diplomats have expressed concern about China’s involvement in the distribution of technology for a number of years. However, Marco Rubio’s warning doesn’t relate to big technology but instead smaller pieces of equipment, including office printers.

“Imagine if, on the eve or on the verge of a conflict, we are aware of their ability to, or they demonstrate their ability to, deny a significant number of Americans access to their banking information, their telecommunications, their internet connectivity, the mass transit system of a major city, or a combination of all of these, or a utility network?” Rubio said.

“Our knowledge that they can threaten the mass transit system of a city, the banking sector, the communications systems, provides them extraordinary leverage that would not even require them to shoot a single rocket or fire a single bullet,” he added.

Rubio is a member of the Foreign Relations Committee that oversees the State Department. He also oversees the working of American spy agencies. This isn’t the first time he has warned about the threat of Chinese tech companies and likely won’t be the last, but the growing dominance of Huawei in global markets has prompted fresh concern.

Imagine if China cut off American access to key technologies in the event of a conflict?

Clearly, the president needs to act!