Rioters Chant “EAT THE RICH,” Even Though Celebrities Pay Their Bail

( Protesters are no longer pretending to be rioting for justice for George Floyd. In Beverley Hills, California, rioters could be heard chanting “EAT THE RICH!” while parading through rich neighborhoods and shouting from the top of their lungs.

Footage shared online showed protesters making it clear they were opposed to capitalism, rather than the death of George Floyd, as they chanted vicious slogans against the rich while protesting through Rodeo Drive. Footage shared by Jamie Loftus showed just how insane it got.

Earlier on the same day, Los Angeles Police Department vehicles were set ablaze by protesters who continue to attribute the actions of one police officer, Derek Chauvin, to all police officers across the country. Chauvin was fired from his position when he was arrested with third-degree murder after kneeling on the neck of George Floyd and killing him during an arrest.

Footage showed how rioters vandalized police cars in Los Angeles just hours before the city’s mayor finally gave in and asked Governor Gavin Newsom to step in and bring in the National Guard to get the city under control.

While protesters shout “EAT THE RICH,” however, the rich are paying for their bail. Far-left model and wife of John Legend Chrissy Teigen offered the incredible sum of $200,000 to pay for the bail of rioters who have spent days looting and burning down American cities.

In a tweet, Tiegen initially promised $100,000. When another Twitter user told her that the people she is supporting are committing crimes, she responded by upping her offer.

“Oo, they might need more money then,” she said. “Make it $200,000.”

Celebrities Seth Rogan, Steve Carell, and even Patton Oswalt have offered to pay for their bail, too.

At what point will the celebrities recognize this hypocrisy? And will the celebrities ever face a backlash for supporting people who have burned down the property and livelihoods of hard-working Americans, black and white, all over the country?