Republican Governor Forced to Build Huge Security Fence Around Home Over Fears of Far-Left Violence

( Republican Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, is building a huge security fence around her official residence following advice from her security team. It comes at a time when many major American cities are besieged by far-left violence on a nightly basis, with Black Lives Matter and Antifa claiming to be fighting for “racial justice.”

Governor Noem’s security team encouraged the $400,000 security fence to be built around the official residence because they deemed it “critical at this time.”

According to the Associated Press, Noem’s office has yet to provide any specific information about threats, but that a spokeswoman for her office said that the security team recommended it.

Noem is potentially a big target for leftists not just because she is a Republican governor, but because her profile has gotten bigger over the last year since she started being seen with President Donald Trump. You likely saw Noem with President Trump at Mount Rushmore on the day before Independence Day earlier this year, where the president laid out his vision for America in the wake of violent left-wing protests.

Maggie Seidel, the spokeswoman from Governor Noem’s office, told the media that the decision was made in the response to increasing violence over political disagreements.

“In America, we debate issues; we don’t turn to violence,” she said. “But it only takes one, and per the Governor’s security team, putting up a fence around the residence is critical at this time.”

Hey, if we’ve learned anything from the last four years of President Trump’s administration, it’s that walls work.

Violence in South Dakota has increased dramatically during the riots and the COVID lockdowns, and Governor Noem has been very vocal about it. In May, Noem reminded residents that looting will “Not be tolerated” in South Dakota and that those responsible will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The fact that she issued these warnings way back in May is an incredible reminder of just how long this violence has been going on. For months now, far-left extremists have been destroying American cities in the name of “racial justice.”

And now governors need huge walls to protect them from violent political activists. Incredible.