Rep. Taylor Greene Responds To Democrat Plot To Destroy Her

( Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia responded to the news that Democrats had successfully removed her from her committee assignments, saying that she wouldn’t have been listened to anyway.

Taylor Greene said that, as a conservative, the Democrat “tyrannically controlled government” would have dismissed her and that it would have been a waste of her time.

The freshman Republican Congresswoman was removed from both of her committee assignments on Thursday after it was revealed that she promoted the “Q Anon” conspiracy theory on her social media before she was elected. Despite making it clear that she now disapproves of the Q Anon movement, a bipartisan 230-199 vote that gained the support of 11 Republicans ousted her from the House Budget Committee and Education Committee.

“I’m fine with being kicked off of my committees because it’d be a waste of my time,” she said. “So now I have a lot of free time on my hands.”

On Thursday, Taylor Green gave a speech on the House floor, wearing a mask with the phrase “Free Speech” emblazoned on the front. During the speech, she explained how she regretted some of her past comments supporting the Q Anon movement, but also expressed relief.

“I got to say what I had done wrong. And you know how that feeling is. I’m not kidding,” she said. “I seriously feel blessed by God because I got to do it on a world stage. I got to say, ‘I said things wrong. I believed things that were wrong.’”

Which must be relieving!

In the same speech, she also said that she will continue to fight for strong pro-Trump policies in Congress, and will now have more time to fight for the America First message.

“Republican voters support him still,” she said about former President Trump. “The party is his. It doesn’t belong to anybody else.”

On Friday, Taylor Green gave a press conference in which she described the move to strip her of committee assignments as unfair to her constituents.

“They stripped my voters of having representation to work for them,” she said.

She also sparred with a CNN reporter who asked her about conspiracy theories she had pushed in the past, but Taylor Greene asked the reporter when they intend to apologize for pushing the Russiagate conspiracy.

She got no answer.