RACISTS! Netflix Pulls David Cross Show Over Blackface Use

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- It doesn’t matter who you are or how woke you might be, if you’ve dared to portray a black character in a comedy show and you happen to be white, you’re in real trouble. An episode of David Cross and Bob Odenkirk’s sketch show has been pulled from the Netflix TV streaming platform for their use of blackface in a 2015 skit.

The episode of W/Bob and David saw a white character taking part in a group called “Citizens Against Unlawful Abuse.” The character is depicted repeatedly trying to encourage police officers to get violent, and after failing several times, eventually wears blackface. The joke is that cops don’t get violent unless you’re black, meaning it was actually a pretty woke joke – but the blackface is what caused the problem. At the end of the sketch, the police officer pulls out pepper spray and a taser.

The show’s creators acknowledged the insanity of the decision. In a June 15 tweet, David Cross announced that the episode would be pulled, and described how the sketch was intended to show black people are unfairly targeted by the police…or something.

“Hey all, Netflix is going to pull this sketch from With Bob & David because the ridiculous, foolish character I play puts on ‘black face’ at one point,” Cross tweeted. “The point of this was to underscore the absurdity…well, here’s your last chance to figure it out.”

Cross included a link to a video of the sketch which is no longer available on YouTube. Of course!

Bob Odenkirk also commented on the decision, noting that their comedy was about “the human element” and wasn’t making a political point.

This isn’t the only show to feel the wrath of social justice. The platform has also removed Little Britain, a legendary British comedy show, for its use of blackface. It even removed episodes of Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, Jonah From Tonga, and We Can Be Heroes.