RACIST: CNN Says “90% White” Iowa Shouldn’t Be First Voting State

(Thefreedomflag.com) – CNN is expanding its portfolio to include blatant racism. On Monday night, during the Iowa Democratic caucus disaster, a CNN contributor suggested that the state should not be the first to vote on the presidential candidate for the parties because too many people who live there are white.

Van Jones said that white voters will only vote with white interests and are potentially influencing the result of the election by voting first.

During the interview, Jones described the situation as a “debacle,” and he’s not wrong. He said:

“If there is a technical problem they’re not disclosing, we could be very late on this. I just think that the idea of a caucus has failed to meet the viability threshold. The idea of the caucus itself has failed to meet the viability threshold.”

At this point, he made some sense. Obviously, the system is broken and obviously, there’s something going on in the Democratic camp. But then he started with the racism, and CNN being CNN allowed it to just happen.

He said:

“We’ve been saying the whole time, why Iowa in the first place? It’s 90 percent white.”

Jones also suggested that the Democratic Party is diverse and, therefore, should choose a state that reflects its diversity to vote on the candidate first.

Just imagined if a Republican suggested that the racial makeup of a state should dictate its position during the primary and caucus ballots. President Trump has been under fire for four years over his promise to build a border wall to combat crime committed by Mexican drug cartels, but Van Jones can race bait on live television without even an interruption?

Jones’s views, unfortunately, are mainstream. His comments were supported by Terry McAuliffe, the former Governor of Virginia, who said:

“Ninety percent of caucus-goers today were white. Well, if you take the whole landscape of the election, it’s 60 percent. So it’s way skewed out of line.”

While the CNN pundits were debating, President Trump was winning the GOP Iowa caucus with a huge majority. The President received more than 97 percent of the vote on Monday night, celebrating by saying he was the only person to be able to claim a great victory in Iowa that night.

Iowa Democrats may be able to finish their count, but the debacle is bound to trigger a long discussion about trust in the party. Supporters of veteran socialist Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, are already suggesting that the caucus may have been rigged against him.

30 thoughts on “RACIST: CNN Says “90% White” Iowa Shouldn’t Be First Voting State

    1. Why-‘should’ they not? Because most of Iowa-is ‘white’? i would ‘consider van jones statement-to be ‘RACIST’! IS HE CALLING FOR ‘WHITE PEOPLE, ‘INELIGIBLE’-TO VOTE FIRST-COZ THEY ARE WHITE? GEE-VAN JONES-ARE YOU NOT EXPOSING YOUR ‘RACISM/AGAINST ‘WHITE PEOPLE’?

      1. No I guess you do not live in America. See Whites to the blacks and demonrats are in congress with SATAN. Meaning only white people can be racist. Except Demonrat white bots just appear to be white.

        They are actual reptiles disguised as not racist. Reptilians have been reengineering the world for their race. Hence climate change. Greta is a leader in the reptilicans take over. This is how the actually look


  1. V Jones is just a inbred mix of a few different countries so he doesn’t really even know what he is so I can understand why he is such a racist person, but really even coming from CNN who really cares about what he believes or thinks it just doesn’t matter . Because it’s just going to happen how it always happens anyway that’s just politics.

  2. CNN can go straight to hell and they need to move too Africa China Russia Iran Mexico pick one Because George Washington Made this country for me and my family so go to hell or move FUC you cnn

  3. CNN, you’re causing ALL of this racist stuff. And, not everyone is racist. I Believe Most people are Not racist. It’s the demon-c-Rats who Always use the “race card” as an excuse for their own failures brought on by themselves. Face the facts-!!!


  4. Along with IA you have to include NH, VT, ME, RI, CT & MA. You”re looking at 80% to 90%+ in these states. Remember, AA only comprise 13% of the population. Most rural areas are devoid of AA. It’d be interesting to canvas the CNN talking heads and see where they live and the schools their children attend (ed).

    1. If you’re going to look at the number of whites in a State, shouldn’t you look at the number of whites in a city or town too? Or maybe even in a neighborhood or a family? So what’s the answer? It can only be that only an equal number of each race in a State, city, town or family can vote, and the rest of the folks just have to watch. So if Iowa only has a 5% Japanese population, then only 5% of each of the other racial populations will be allowed to vote. But wait a minute… Iowa only has 1% transvestite population, and they’re another group, so now were down to just a small number of people being allowed to vote. Bingo, the ballots can be counted in just a few hours and we’re done

  5. Vann Jones why, just why? Do you always show your HATE AND RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE? Just as CNN is full of donkey dropping! Have a nice trip to HELL!

  6. Well where is this simplistic thought process headed? It’s way too late to help Biden and the Iowa vote will be done at some point so what’s up? Be cautious here Libs your racism is showing. When we get to the heavy Black areas then what? Foolishness.

  7. Look at the top five in the democratic race. Bernie–white, Pete–white, Liz–white, Amy–white, Joe–white. Yang just quit along with Patrick and Bennett. The only person of color left is Tulsi Gabbert and they won’t even let her on tv.

  8. You must understand that when a white person votes white they are racist. When black people votes black they are civil rights champions. Sounds stupid but that is exactly what the fake news projects. Another sad fact is that so many white folks are still supporting those deplorable demonicRATS

  9. The NBA should never be broadcast on TV at all, because it is the most racist sports organization in the world. There is virtually no ‘racial diversity’ on the majority of teams. At least this is Van Jones’ “logic,” which is actually a contradiction in terms.

  10. Van Jones is definitely the “face” of racism. Just because his complexion is dark and he can talk on TV as if he actually knows something, doesn’t mean he really does represent all black people. What the majority of people in this day and age want is a President who give the people what they really need, not just what they think they want. He’s smart enough to know that good policy in governance “floats all boats.” For instance, lowering taxes on the bulk of personal income means that they’ll have more money to spend on the things that are important to them. Denying “free” health care but making sure everyone can afford to pay for their own health care does two things: (1) eliminates waste, fraud, and abuse of the health care system. You pay, and you get what you need in a timely and efficient manner, and (2) stabilizes healthcare via price reduction, lessens wait time, and gives health care professionals an incentive to keep people healthier.

    Van Jones doesn’t care about any of that. He just wants to cry in his beer that all whites are evil and are prejudiced against blacks. That’s utter nonsense…we are a mostly white family, only because we adopted a black family of 6 young folks and we don’t see their color because we know their hearts and their minds, and we love them “to the moon” and it is definitely reciprocal, so I am positive that Van Jones would never think of adopting a “white family.” It’s funny, because he has plenty of money being an airhead voice and face on TV, while we have no recognition and just enough money to go around. When people look at me, I don’t want them to see my color–I want them to see the quality of my heart and understanding.

  11. Sure they want everything their way…now they are trying to abolish the electoral college….what next .. the constitution …?

  12. Yeah why is Iowa the first to vote and why don’t we allow central and south Americans to vote too? After all they are Americans…….Oh and China, shouldn’t they be allowed to vote too? After all there are more Chinese immigrants than all of south america combined…. and they are coming here legally…..Why wait until they get here…..What the hell! Why limit voting to just U.S. citizens… let anybody that wants to vote in our election vote. After all our economy does effect the entire globe so why not let the entire globe vote….. HEY CNN what are you waiting for? Why haven’t you brought that question out to public attention??? CNN the Communist News Network. Or is that idea even to stupid for CNN? that would be a first………..!
    I mean really calling an entire state racist? Just how stupid can they get????

  13. So, Does jones feel these “white Racists” who only vote for their White interests should have only voted for a minority?
    In that case, I guess Yang would have been the Winner as the ONLY MINORITY LEFT in the ever so woke DIVERSE party of White NOMINEES!
    This fool sees racism in a cup of coffee! Grow the F up Leftists you are being sold a bill of goods and it is these types of people who apply Race to EVERY issue in life- always, of course, to claim victimhood and say it is the White people who are to blame for all the ills of the world- are destroying decades of progress in race relations!

    Jones is simply looking for an excuse to throw attention away from the Total Failure that is the Democrat Party!
    Sorry, we Conservatives/Republicans and White People are not taking ownership of your bad and find you all boring!

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