RACIST: CNN Says “90% White” Iowa Shouldn’t Be First Voting State

(Thefreedomflag.com) – CNN is expanding its portfolio to include blatant racism. On Monday night, during the Iowa Democratic caucus disaster, a CNN contributor suggested that the state should not be the first to vote on the presidential candidate for the parties because too many people who live there are white.

Van Jones said that white voters will only vote with white interests and are potentially influencing the result of the election by voting first.

During the interview, Jones described the situation as a “debacle,” and he’s not wrong. He said:

“If there is a technical problem they’re not disclosing, we could be very late on this. I just think that the idea of a caucus has failed to meet the viability threshold. The idea of the caucus itself has failed to meet the viability threshold.”

At this point, he made some sense. Obviously, the system is broken and obviously, there’s something going on in the Democratic camp. But then he started with the racism, and CNN being CNN allowed it to just happen.

He said:

“We’ve been saying the whole time, why Iowa in the first place? It’s 90 percent white.”

Jones also suggested that the Democratic Party is diverse and, therefore, should choose a state that reflects its diversity to vote on the candidate first.

Just imagined if a Republican suggested that the racial makeup of a state should dictate its position during the primary and caucus ballots. President Trump has been under fire for four years over his promise to build a border wall to combat crime committed by Mexican drug cartels, but Van Jones can race bait on live television without even an interruption?

Jones’s views, unfortunately, are mainstream. His comments were supported by Terry McAuliffe, the former Governor of Virginia, who said:

“Ninety percent of caucus-goers today were white. Well, if you take the whole landscape of the election, it’s 60 percent. So it’s way skewed out of line.”

While the CNN pundits were debating, President Trump was winning the GOP Iowa caucus with a huge majority. The President received more than 97 percent of the vote on Monday night, celebrating by saying he was the only person to be able to claim a great victory in Iowa that night.

Iowa Democrats may be able to finish their count, but the debacle is bound to trigger a long discussion about trust in the party. Supporters of veteran socialist Bernie Sanders, a Democratic candidate for president, are already suggesting that the caucus may have been rigged against him.