President Trump Meets Dem Colorado Governor to Celebrate Successful Reopening of Economy

( President Donald Trump has long believed that the U.S. economy should start reopening sooner rather than later, and this week he celebrated the successful reopening of the Colorado economy by meeting with Democratic Governor Jared Polis. The president also met with the Democratic Governor of North Dakota, James Bargum, to show his willingness to work across party lines to get the economy moving and Americans back to work.

The meeting took place on Wednesday, and Governor Polis praised the work done by the president and Vice President Mike Pence throughout the pandemic, explaining how they have continued working with the state to help them reach their coronavirus testing targets. Polis also thanked Republican Senator Cory Gardner for helping him to bring in virus test kits from South Korea.

Thanks to the availability of the test kits in his state, 32 free testing sites were set up across the state and hospitals and other health facilities had all the equipment they needed to test people. It paved the way for the state being able to start reopening the economy.

The bipartisan meeting took place in the White House. Polis told the media how, unlike much of the rest of the country, nearly all businesses in Colorado are actually open.

“Most businesses are open in Colorado. Pretty much everything except for those social businesses,” he explained. Specifically, he means tat hair salons and similar businesses, manufacturing operations, offices, and many more businesses that don’t require many people being within close proximity to each other were either already open or in the process of opening up.

“It looks good,” President Trump said.

Polis also explained how restaurants have already started reopening in the state, with plans to open even more of them by the end of May.

“People are being responsible,” Governor Polis added. “It’s that individual responsibility that’s gonna make sure that we can stay on this trajectory.

The president interjected, explaining how Colorado’s tourism industry was a big part of their economy. Polis said he was hopeful that the ski resorts in his state could start reopening by June.

Businesses operating in a safe way, and business owners taking extra precautions without too much government interference, is one way that America could start getting back to normal without damaging the economy much more. President Trump is obviously on board with the idea, but will Democratic governors across the country start following suit?