Popular Face “Shields” Don’t Prevent COVID Spread (VIDEO)

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- According to new research, plastic face shields often worn by people in place of a traditional mask, offer no protection against contracting the Chinese coronavirus if a person is within close vicinity to another person who is infected by the virus. If the infected person sneezes, a new study claims, then a person wearing a face shield is likely to contract the disease.

Using computer models, researchers showed how droplets from a sneeze travel around a face shield. It was modelled on a person sneezing one meter away from a person wearing a shield, and shows how “vortex rings” are produced by the sneeze which let droplets stick to the edges of the plastic visor.

It comes just a week after a major study in Denmark found that masks don’t reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19 or spreading it to other people.

The lead author of the latest study on face shields, Dr Fujio Agaki, is an academic from Japan’s Fukuoka University.

“The vortex rings generated by the sneeze capture the microscopic droplets within the sneeze and transport them to the top and bottom edges of the face shield,” Dr Agaki said.

Between 0.5 and one second after the beginning of the sneeze, the droplets can quickly land on the shield and face of the wearer.

“If this arrival time is synchronized with inhalation, the shield wearer will inhale the droplets,” Dr Agaki continued.

The news comes as the production and sale of face shields have increased globally, with the British government even advising that barbers, hairdressers, and tattooists wear them when working. Visors are also frequently worn by medical professionals, though are typically accompanied by a professionally fitted surgical mask.

Dr. Agaki described the vortex ring as “doughnut-shaped” which “resembles bubble rings made by dolphins.”

Within the vortexes, tiny droplets that contain the virus – presuming the person sneezing is infected – can travel through the air. The wearing of a visor, therefore, may only be useful if accompanied by a professionally fitted surgical N95 mask, which is the only truly effective way of avoiding contracting the virus through the nose and mouth.