POLL: Most GOP Voters Would Ditch Party To Join Trump

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Yet another poll has revealed just how loyal Donald Trump voters are, with some 46% of Trump voters saying that they would abandon the Republican Party and support a new “Trump Party” if he were to go ahead with the rumored plan.

The new survey from Suffolk University and USA Today taken between February 15 and 19 found that former President Donald Trump still enjoys significant support among the Republican Party, which lines up with several other recent polls showing the president leading the way in the 2024 primary polls.

It also indicates that efforts by the Democrats to impeach the former president haven’t impacted how many Republicans see the president, with almost one half suggesting that they would abandon the party completely if he were to attempt a third-party run next time around.

Only 27% of Republican respondents said that they would not move over with the former president, with the remaining respondents indicating that they weren’t certain about what they would do.

When less than one-third of the Republican Party will commit to sticking around if former President Trump established a new political vehicle, you’d think it would indicate to Nikki Haley and the GOP establishment that their efforts aren’t working…right?

USA Today also revealed how roughly half of the respondents said that the Republican Party should “become ‘more loyal to Trump,’ even at the cost of losing support among establishment Republicans.”

Last week, Rasmussen Reports published a survey showing 72% of Republicans calling on the party to be “more like former president Donald Trump,” with just 20% of respondents saying that the party should be “more like the average GOP member of Congress.”

More bad news for former UN ambassador Nikki Haley and her expected 2024 presidential run.

Not only are big donors reportedly refusing to meet her, even with the endorsement of Senator Lindsey Graham, but former President Donald Trump reportedly turned down a request for a meeting last week, too.

Another survey from Echelon Insights also revealed that former President Donald Trump still leads the way in a hypothetical 2025 primary, with 41% of Republicans saying they would “definitely” vote for him, and 14% saying they would “probably” vote for him.