Phone Lines JAMMED as Illegal Immigrants Claim Free $500 Checks from Governor Newsom

( Remember how California Governor Gavin Newsom promised that he would give illegal immigrants in his state free, taxpayer money? Well, despite legal challenges from Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch, the state is going ahead with the cash giveaway and already the phone lines have been jammed by illegal immigrants scrambling to claim the cash.

Under Newsom’s program, illegal immigrants in the state can claim $500 each or even more if they have a family. The program officially launched on Monday and within minutes, according to the New York Times, the phone lines were jammed as too many people tried to claim the free money.

“Within minutes after the phone lines opened, many people reported they could not get through, and by 10 a.m., an hour after it opened, many of the phone lines crashed,” The New York Times reported. “The $75 million cash assistance program, awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, was being conducted almost entirely by telephone to avoid hazardous in-person contacts.”

The rush comes as a result of the taxpayer funding only extending to 150,000 people, and a further $50 million pledged by insane philanthropist groups would offer support to another 100,000 immigrants. The idea that 250,000 people are living in California illegally is terrifying enough, but the rush means that significantly more than that are currently living in the state and looking for a free handout.

In early press conferences in which Newsom explained the plan he told the media that 10% of the state’s workforce is made up of illegal immigrants.

On Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Governor Newsom explained how he believes the federal government is morally and ethically obliged to give his state more money even when he’s wasting it. He claimed that Republicans who refuse to give more federal funds to his state would be depriving “our heroes, our first responders, our police officers, and firefighters.”

Couldn’t he have redirected the $75 million he gave to illegal criminals to those heroes instead?

President Donald Trump has already stated that he is considering making states end their “sanctuary” rules in order to qualify for federal funding. It could prove a difficult and nasty stand-off between Newsom and Trump as we enter the 2020 presidential race.