Pelosi OPPOSES Remote Voting, Despite Five Members of Congress Suffering from Coronavirus

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is against every good idea. This week, Pelosi announced she was against implementing a remote voting system in Congress, despite five members currently suffering from the Chinese coronavirus and unable to turn up to work.

PBC Correspondent Lisa Desjardins reports that Pelosi said “let’s not waste time” when asked about remote voting, stating that it was “something that’s not going to happen.” Pelosi also reportedly said that it might only be possible at some point in the future, after the coronavirus pandemic is over.

She can’t spend time working with Democrats and Republicans to implement an emergency voting system, but she can spend days coming up with alternative legislation that attempts to shoe-horn in Green New Deal policy into the coronavirus response?

Okay, Nancy…

While Pelosi refuses to face reality, several other senators have publicly endorsed a remote voting system to ensure everyone can vote regardless of whether they’re sick or not. Senators Lindsey Graham, Dick Durbin, and Rob Portman have all come out in favour of the idea.

On Monday, Democratic Representative for New York, Nydia Velazquez, announced her coronavirus diagnosis. The news makes her the fifth lawmaker to be diagnosed with the Chinese virus.

Reps Ben McAdams, Mario Diaz Balart, Mike Kelly, and Joe Cunningham were all diagnosed before her.

On Tuesday, Fortune asked why the U.S. Congress is still resisting remote voting when governments all over the world are doing the opposite.

Jeff John Roberts outlined the global response to the pandemic, and how the U.S. Congress seems to be doing everything as normal…even though several members of Congress are currently unable to vote, and more will be unable in the coming weeks and months.

As lawmakers continue negotiating coronavirus legislation that will reduce the impact on the American economy, it’s more important than ever that they can turn up and vote.

So why won’t Pelosi get on board?