Over One MILLION People Globally Have Recovered from Coronavirus

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- More than a million people globally have recovered from the Chinese coronavirus, according to new data from Johns Hopkins University. The news comes as many countries around the world pass peak infection rates and start looking towards the end of the first phase of the viral outbreak.

According to the data, the United States has recorded 153,000 coronavirus recoveries so far. Germany recorded more than 126,000 and Spain more than 112,000.

More than three million people are reported to have been infected by the coronavirus so far, according to the data, and some 230,000 people have died. According to the data, that means four times as many people have recovered from the disease than died for it. And, because not every case of the viral infection has been recorded, significantly more people are known to have survived the virus than died.

So that’s some good news!

The news comes as the United Kingdom announced they successfully deployed over 122,000 coronavirus tests on the last day of April after the government promised to deliver 100,000 tests daily. Successfully testing sufficient numbers of people allow the data to improve, for world governments to understand how infectious the disease really is, and to isolate known cases of the virus to reduce the spread.

The Chinese coronavirus continues spreading throughout the United States, with the death toll rising by more than 2,000 for a third day on the last day of April. On April 30, the record daily increase of 2,700 coronavirus deaths took the overall death rate to more than 55,000.

New York remained the hardest-hit state in the United States, with an increase of 377 deaths on the last day of April, which took the total number of deaths beyond 18,000. New Jersey saw similarly high death rates, with 328 dead over the 24 hours leading up to the last day of April, slightly lower than its record of 398 the Tuesday prior.