Oakland Mayor Tells Rioters Not to Give Trump “the Images He Wants”

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- Libby Schaaf, the Democratic Mayor of Oakland, issued a statement on Sunday to residents of her city. In the statement, she called on extreme left-wing rioters not to engage in violent activity. It comes after several rioters set fires in the downtown region of the city, one of which was at the Alameda County Superior Courthouse.

Schaaf told protesters that engaging in that kind of violent activity risks giving President Trump “the images he wants,” in a politically-motivated plea to Democrat supporters not to give the party a bad name.

“Vandalizing our downtown gives Donald Trump the images he wants and the justification he seeks to send federal troops into American cities,” she explained. “We can’t be fooled and play into his twisted campaign strategy.”

Isn’t it interesting that Schaaf thinks it is a campaign strategy for President Trump to sit and wait for violent left-wing radicals to start burning down buildings? If anything, it’s precisely the thing the president doesn’t want to happen!

“We celebrate passionate protests but Oaklanders need to know that when they attend protests after dark they may be providing cover for agitators who are more intent on stoking than advancing racial justice,” she added.

Schaaf was repeating a claim used by many Democrats lately. The idea is that the violent extremism witnessed at these “racial justice” protests are instigators by agitators and not be Antifa and Black Lives Matter supporters. Mayor Schaaf provided no evidence to support her claim that the fires being set and the violence occurring at night in Oakland is the result of agitators who aren’t supportive of the “racial justice” protests. Agitators they may be, but it doesn’t mean they’re not part of the same protest.

Oakland Police Department published images of the damage done to buildings in Oakland, including an Oakland Police building.

Officer Johnna Watson told the press about how a group of protesters engaged in a new kind of “protest” on Saturday night.

“This group of protesters had specific intentions to participate in one way or another – whether that’s carrying backpacks in with clearly very heavy items, and the smaller group would actually be engaged in doing the damage,” she explained.

If the mayor’s plea works, it won’t necessarily be a win for Democrats. Republicans can sigh a breath of relief that the violence might end, too…