“Non-Violent” Prisoner Arrested for MURDER One Day After Early COVID-19 Release

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- If you needed proof that releasing prisoners early because of fears they might catch the Chinese coronavirus while locked up is a bad idea, then this is it. An inmate who was freed from Florida Prison early on March 19 was arrested for Murder the very next day.

26-year-old Joseph Edwards Williams was arrested for murder and is facing second-degree murder charges, according to WFLA. Williams was one of 163 inmates who were released from prison before completing their sentence. The criminal was considered “non-violent” and so his released not thought to be dangerous for law-abiding citizens.

What police and judges soon learned, however, is that some violent criminals may not be serving sentences relating to a violent crime.

It is alleged that Williams shot someone dead with a gun on March 20, the day after being released. Chad Chronister, the Hillsborough Sheriff, said he “took advantage” of his early release.

“There is no question Joseph Williams took advantage of this health emergency to commit crimes while he was out of jail awaiting resolution of a low-level, non-violent offense,” he said. “As a result, I call on the State Attorney to prosecute this defendant to the fullest extent of the law.”

Williams was originally arrested and sentenced after being found in possession of heroin and other drug paraphernalia. Following his latest arrest, he is being held on a $250,000 bond.

Williams is one of many thousands of inmates all over the country who have been released from prison early. Many states have opted to release non-violent inmates in an attempt to reduce the pressure on the prison system and to avoid inmates falling sick with the virus while locked up inside.

Perhaps the most notable release so far is Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti. The lawyer, who was convicted after attempting to extort sports brand Nike out of millions of dollars, has been released from a New York prison and allowed to fly to California where he will see out the rest of the pandemic at a friend’s house.

Avenatti, however, has yet to be sentenced and is expected to return to prison after the pandemic hits peak and society returns to normal.