Newt Gingrich Says $2,000 Stimulus Will Help Struggling Americans

( Another prominent Republican has joined in on the effort to support President Donald Trump in his push for $2,000 stimulus checks.

Newt Gingrich, the former Republican Speaker of the House, said this week that the increased direct stimulus payments would help Americans who are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

While he told “Fox & Friends” that it’s certainly important to balance the federal budget and not add too much to the deficit, the middle-class in America has been the “big losers” during the pandemic.

During the shutdowns throughout the country to help stop the spread of the virus, people in the middle-class were laid off, forced to take pay cuts or were furloughed. Many haven’t returned to work, and there are bleak prospects for immediate work in many industries. This has been particularly true in Democratic states, Gingrich said.

That’s why Gingrich said he believes the $2,000 direct payments would “help” average Americans who are struggling to deal with the “mess” that some local governments have created.

He said:

“This is like being in World War II. We have a disaster in this country made dramatically worse by Democratic governors in places like California, Illinois, New York who have been crushing small business, killing the restaurant industry.

“You know, the big losers have been middle-class Americans. The big winners have been the very rich and government employees who got paid for not doing any work, including millions of members of the teachers’ union who didn’t do any work, but got … collectively billions of dollars for sitting around.”

The restrictions on businesses that were labeled as non-essential have been very difficult throughout the country. Democratic governors were particularly tough at the outbreak of the pandemic, and they have continued to be the most restrictive throughout it.

Even though it’s been hard for these government officials to prove that coronavirus outbreaks have come from people being in businesses, they have continued to impose tough restrictions on them.

Big box stores have been allowed to remain open because they serve groceries and other household essentials. Restaurants, meanwhile, have been limited to just take-out or delivery orders for much of the time.

They got a respite in summer when they were allowed to open for outdoor dining and limited indoor dining. But as the weather cooled, people were no longer interested in eating outdoors. Then, with the second wave of the pandemic coming, indoor dining has been restricted again in many places throughout the country.

These are just some of the people who could greatly benefit from the increased stimulus checks. As Gingrich said:

“So, I think if you are an average everyday person, you look at all of this mess, and you think the government has clearly not done its job, particularly the state governments led by Democrats, and $2,000 will help me. I think that’s what’s going on.

“[T]his is not about deficit spending. That train is long gone. We’re in the middle of a disaster. I think the average American deserves some help.”