New York Post DESTROYS Sanders’ Crazy “Fact Sheet”

( – The New York Post is increasingly the last bastion in media sanity in New York City, and recently the editorial board of the popular newspapers unleashed on socialist senator Bernie Sanders. On Friday, the NY Post board criticized the Democratic hopeful’s plans to spend trillions of dollars increasing the size of government.

A “fact sheet” recently shared by the Sanders campaign was the focus of the Post’s attacks. Sanders attempted to break down the cost of his many socialist proposals, and explain how he proposed to pay for the initiatives.

In the paper, Sanders explained how he would pay $2.2 trillion to make tuition free and cancel all existing student debt, and that the money would come from implementing a “modest tax” on Wall Street. The sheet also explained that he could expand social security and offer low-income senior citizens an extra $1,300 per year by taxing people earning more than $250,000 per year.

Sanders chose to release the paper after he was exposed on 60 Minutes for not knowing how he could pay for his proposals. He told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper he “couldn’t rattle off to you every nickel and every dime.”

The NY Post editorial board commented on the release, saying, “No one’s surprised that the numbers don’t remotely add up – or even pass the laugh test.” Sanders’ so-called fact sheet offered a breakdown of just the first 10 years of costs, and only for his major proposals. Not all of his proposals were costed.

The NY Post wrote:

“Independent estimates from progressive outfits like the Urban Institute put the price for Medicare for All at well over $30 trillion. Sanders insists it will cost half that because he’ll magically cut costs.
It adds up to easily doubling what the federal government spends now.
And all his new taxes only bring in about half what he means to spend.
Assuming they work as intended: Of course, he pretends they wouldn’t slow the economy in the least. (Hey, it worked in … well, nowhere, but Bernie doesn’t care.)”

Naturally, Sanders’ insane Green New Deal (initially proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) was taken apart too, with the Post saying his fracking ban and other plans for the economy “would plainly kill jobs.”

The scathing attack on the document even described his plans as “piffle.”

That’s one word for it…