New Stash Of FBI Text Messages Found

( As time runs out for President Donald Trump’s legal team to convince the Supreme Court and state legislators to take the necessary steps to fix the inaccurate results of the compromised 2020 election, more information is being revealed about how the Democrats and former President Barack Obama conspired to accuse the president of conspiring with Russia.

To understand the new texts, which were declassified by the FBI, we have to go back to the origins of the Russia hoax, which included a story about how Russia allegedly “Hacked the DNC.”

In 2016, the DNC hired CrowdStrike to analyze DNC servers instead of just handing them over to the FBI. The company claimed publicly that evidence showed the Russians did indeed hack the Democrats, but no proof was ever given to back up the claim. The narrative was simply good enough, and the president took the heat.

CrowdStrike then reportedly gave information to Robert Mueller, who was heading up the special counsel investigation into so-called Russian interference – but it quickly showed that the claim was untrue.

According to the latest text messages declassified by the FBI, the Democrats were lying when they said they had proof that the Russians hacked their servers. The texts even suggest that the Democrats were the ones who gave emails to Wikileaks to make it appear as though they had been hacked in the first place.

In short…it was an inside job.

The newly-declassified texts come from Jenny Boon, the official who oversaw the Carter Page investigation. In the exchange, she asks unnamed recipients about the DNC hack.

Here’s how that exchange went:

Boon: “the hack of the dnc server?”

Person 2: “yes maam”

Boon: “figured”

Person 2: “the release of emails on wiki”

Boon: “which release? there were a couple recently”

Person 2: “so on friday there was a bunch of dnc emails posted on wikileaks, that was our guys”

Boon: “got it”

Did you see what happened there?

The texts suggest that Boon knew precisely who obtained the emails and gave them to Wikileaks…and presumably Boon isn’t close to Russian hackers. “Our guys” could be anyone, so long as Boon knew them. The most likely culprit, it seems, is that the Democrats – or allies of the Democrats in the FBI or a similar agency – were responsible.

Could we end up in the unimaginable situation of suffering a Biden presidency while also learning all the sordid details of how the Democrats conspired to frame President Trump?