New Poll Says Trump On Track To Win Democrat Wisconsin Yet Again

( In 2016, Donald Trump’s campaign shocked the national media by winning Wisconsin, a state that voted for Democrat presidential candidates every election since Ronald Reagan’s victory in 1984.

It goes to show that the people of Wisconsin are willing to switch sides if the candidate is willing to stand up for regular, working-class people!

A new poll from the Trafalgar Group suggested President Trump may once again win the Democrat state, as he lads Democratic nominee Joe Biden by one point. It signifies no change in polling results since the poll was last taken in June. It’s a steady number, a good result for President Trump, and with the shy vote accounted for, could mean President Trump once again wins the state with a fairly narrow margin.

The statewide presidential survey performed by the Trafalgar Group shows 46.2% of respondents backing President Donald Trump, and 45.4 backing Joe Biden.

If Biden hadn’t abandoned his moderate credentials by supporting extremists in Black Lives Matter, and if he hadn’t endorsed the Green New Deal and various other policies that would seriously damage the American working class, perhaps he’d have had a chance at winning the state. But now it’s too late.

The Trafalgar Group might not be the best-known polling company out there, but it’s certainly one people should pay more attention to. While most polling companies were way off when it came to the results of the 2016 election, this polling company was surprisingly good.

Politico described the polling group as “prolific” on the day before the election, releasing surveys showing President Donald Trump ahead by four points in Florida, ahead by two points in Michigan, and ahead by seven points in Georgia.

“Few, it seems, paid attention to the surveys of the Trafalgar Group – a Georgia-based consulting firm that, on its website, celebrates the time RealClearPolitics picked up one of its Florida primary polls – showing Trump ahead,” Politico reported. “The group’s Pennsylvania poll was the only one of dozens since late July to show the GOP nominee in the lead there – but it was also the only poll conducted into this past weekend, as voters made their final choices,” they said.

If The Trafalgar Group got things right in 2016 when everyone else didn’t, it’s a good sign they could well be doing the same this time.

Wisconsin is one to watch!