Nancy Pelosi Wants To Get Rid Of Hyde Amendment, Is OK With Taxpayer Funding Going To Abortions

( If House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has her way, taxpayer money would be available to help fund abortion.

According to a Los Angeles Times report, Pelosi told various Democratic lawmakers that the House will no longer include the Hyde Amendment in funding bills they write in 2021. The Hyde Amendment, which has been in place for five decades, effectively bans taxpayer funding going to abortion.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who has continuously supported the Hyde Amendment over his political career, flipped sides during the campaign. He said he thinks the Amendment should be changed as well.

That has prompted many to think that Biden, and many other leaders within the Democratic Party, are starting to move to the far left.

Illinois Representative Dan Lipinski, a Democrat who lost his primary race to a far-left candidate this past March, said special interest pro-abortion groups have been working to push the party to an extreme level. Lipinski, who is a pro-life Democrat, said:

“There were many Democrats who pushed for an end to the Hyde Amendment in the appropriations bill passed by the House this year, but it was not done. Presumably, it was not done because the Hyde Amendment is still supported by a clear majority of Americans.”

According to recent polls, 49% of voters support the Hyde Amendment, while only 33% oppose it. The last has been in place since 1976.

Many others believe that Pelosi is being slimy by revealing her thoughts on the Amendment to people in private, and also because she plans to not make any moves on it until after the November election.

As the executive director for Democrats for Life, Kristen Day, told the Washington Free Beacon:

“Nancy Pelosi said, as recently as 2017, that there is room in the Democratic Party for pro-life Democrats. Her actions to eliminate a bipartisan policy supported by a majority of this nation show otherwise.”

And Lipinski believes that, “dropping the Hyde Amendment would be not only terrible policy but also bad politics for Democrats.”

Other pro-life groups ripped into Pelosi for even considering doing away with the Hyde Amendment. The VP of communications at the Susan B. Anthony List, Mallory Quigley, said:

“Repealing the Hyde Amendment would mean a sharp increase in taxpayer funding of elective abortion, primarily for women of color. This is a racist and eugenicist position, essentially telling women that you’d rather ensure the government pay for the destruction of their children, rather than offer life-affirming help. A majority of Americans — including a strong number of rank-and-file Democrats — don’t want to be complicit in abortion through their taxpayer money.”

Democrats receive a huge influx of cash from pro-abortion groups including Planned Parenthood. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise, then, that they are moving further and further to the left on the issue. In 2016, Planned Parenthood spent $38 million on the election. The biggest pro-abortion group in the country says it plans to spend at least $45 million on this year’s elections.