Minneapolis Ends Negotiations with Police Union As Calls for Defunding Grow

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- God help Minneapolis. The city has succumbed to the protests of far-left ideologues and, thanks to the City Council, looks to be making moves to defund and ultimately abolish the city’s police department. The Minneapolis Police Department announced that they will withdraw from the contract negotiations with the police union.

Chief Medaria Arradondo announced on Wednesday that it would be the first step in the “transformation reforms” to his agency. An announcement he would never have made unless the City Council voted to change the way policing works in the city.

Arradondo told the media that a review of the contract is still planned, but that the contract will need to be completely restructured to offer greater “flexibility” that would allow the police department to be reformed…or transformed, according to far-left ideological demands. A future review is expected to look at how the police are allowed to use force or anyone who enforces the law depending on whether the police force is abolished in the city. It is also expected to look at disciplinary protocols, arbitration, and more.

“This work must be transformational, but I must do it right now,” he said. “We will have a police department that our communities view as legitimate, trusting and working with their best interests at heart.”

When he was asked about Bob Kroll, the leader of the police union who has long been considered an obstacle standing in the way of reform, he sidestepped the question. He didn’t say whether he believed Kroll should step down, nor did he answer questions about whether citizens should be concerned about the police being slower to respond to incidents during the period of transformation.

This remains a sensitive topic in Minneapolis because it’s the place where George Floyd was killed. Derek Chauvin, the police officer who kneeled on Floyd’s neck and who killed him, was fired along with the three other police officers involved with the arrest. Activists are still out on the streets protesting, and Mayor Jacob Frey even took to the streets with them.

Frey did, however, stop short of saying that he would support abolishing the police department. Time will only tell whether far-left radicals in the City Council, and on the streets, will consider a “reform” of the police department enough.