#Metoo Nonprofit Refuses To Help Tara Reade In Her Claims Against Joe Biden

(TheFreedomFlag.Com)- Liberals have been lining up behind Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden over the last few weeks, as sexual assault accusations from his former staffer Tara Reade have surfaced.
One of the recent ones was Tina Tchen, the CEO of Time’s Up, an organization that was created to support victims of sexual assault. This may seem like an odd move by Tchen — until you realize that she worked with Biden as one of the top officials in the White House while Barack Obama was in office. Tchen was Michelle Obama’s chief of staff.
What’s more, the public relations team that is working for Time’s Up is SKDKnickerbocker. That firm’s is run by Anita Dunn, who’s also Biden’s top campaign advise.
Late last week, Tchen praised Biden’s “transparency” in dealing with the accusations from Reade, who says Biden penetrated her with his fingers while pinning her up against a wall in 1993. Tchen said:
“Biden has called for full transparency. He’s called for records to come out — that’s what needs to happen every time these issues come up, and I would suggest that it needs to happen with other candidates who are running for president.”
The organization’s Legal Defense Fund said it wouldn’t support Reade’s case against Biden, saying the fact that Biden is running for president would threaten Time’s Up’s status as a nonprofit.
Interestingly enough, Biden has actually rejected the call for records to come out. Reade has said that if the personnel records from Biden’s Senate term were released, it would prove she made a complaint to higher-ups on his staff about the incident back in 1993. Those records are under seal at the University of Delaware until two years after Biden leaves public office.
To this point, though, Biden has said he wouldn’t unseal the archives because it doesn’t contain “personnel records by definition.” He also said he wouldn’t release the records because they could become “fodder in a campaign at this time.”
In response to a question from a reporter on MSNBC on Friday about whether the documents contained Reade’s name, Biden stumbled over his words, saying:
There is nothing … I don’t understand the point you are trying to make.”
Instead of releasing his Senate records, Biden sent a letter to the Secretary of the Senate asking him to “direct whatever steps are necessary” to locate any public complaint Reade may have made in 1993 regarding the sexual harassment and sexual assault. He wanted the secretary to release not only the complaint, if he found one, but “any and all other documents in the records that relate to the allegation.
Biden’s attempt at a deflection didn’t work, though, as the secretary said it has “no discretion to disclose any such information as requested.” That was after the secretary consulted with the Senate Legal Counsel.
Biden’s campaign responded asking if it was confidential for the secretary to confirm whether the records exist at all, and what the procedures in handling such a claim would’ve been in 1993.