Media Pushes To CANCEL Final Two Presidential Debates After Trump Shows Up Biden In First One

( Media pundits, anchors, and journalists are calling for the final two remaining presidential debates to be canceled after President Donald Trump challenged Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the first one on Tuesday. During the event, Biden was allowed to interrupt the president without reprimand, but moderator Chris Wallace repeatedly attempted to stop President Trump challenging Biden.

So far, though, Biden’s campaign has rejected calls by media pundits to cancel the remaining debates.

On Tuesday night, following the debate, various journalists and news anchors expressed their desire for the Democratic candidate to withdraw from future debates. Joe Scarborough, MSNBC anchor and notorious Trump hater, said that it was a “disgrace” and that there was no reason for Joe Biden to participate in another debate.

Apart from the obvious reason of being held accountable and giving the American public a chance to see him challenged on various lies he’s told throughout the campaign.

But don’t be fooled. The Biden campaign committing to going ahead with the debates may well be a result of the Commission on Presidential Debates committing to changing the rules for the next two.

David Graham of the Atlantic – the outlet that claimed without evidence that President Trump called military personnel “suckers” and “losers” – published a piece called “Cancel the Debates.”

“Tonight was the first presidential debate of the 2020 election, and if there is any sense or mercy left in this nation, it will be the last too,” he said. “The event was a shambolic shout fest, with scarcely a single morsel of substance to be found. President Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, lied repeatedly, refused to condemn racist groups even after explicitly offering to do so, and sought to undermine trust in the election.”

President Donald Trump did, however, condemn those white supremacist groups and has done so repeatedly throughout his presidency, his campaign, and his life.

Check the supercut below to see every single time he’s done it.

And as for lies? Well, Joe Biden claimed that the story of his son taking $3.5 million from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow was untrue and “debunked,” but it isn’t. So who exactly is lying here?

Margaret Sullivan of The Washington Post also argued that the debates should be canceled because of President Trump’s behavior, and TV critic Judy Berman from Time Magazine said that the debate was a “waste” for voters looking for answers, and said that we “shouldn’t make the same mistake again” on watching or hosting the debates.

Why does nobody seem to want Joe Biden to be held accountable?