Looters TARGETED MINORITIES In NYC, According to Bronx Shop Owner

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- While Democrats continue to pretend that the riots taking place all over the country are entirely peaceful, a shop owner in New York City is speaking out about the destruction caused by opportunistic looters. 25-year-old Oscar Izaguirre, the owner of Oscar’s Gold and Diamonds in the Bronx, explained to the New York Post how his business was targeted by looters.

He told The Post that his parents first opened the shop when they arrived in the United States from Peru. Through their hard work, they saved enough money to put him and his siblings through university, but the rioters didn’t seem to appreciate that fact.

He described how his friends warned him on Monday that rioters were heading to his part of town, and that it made him “terrified.”

“There’s millions of dollars of merchandise,” he said. “Along with 15 or so friends, I moved everything to a safe location.”

He felt compelled to move the stock not just because he knew the rioters were coming, but that the destruction of his business would compound the problems he was already experiencing because of the Chinese coronavirus.

“The quarantine hit me hard,” he said. “I closed completely for almost two months. We were just getting back up on our feet with online sales.”

After he successfully moved his stock to a safe location, Izaguirre watched over CCTV as protesters looted his store, broke cameras, destroyed hiring, and smash all of the glass cases. They even knocked out the ceiling tiles, he said.

“Every store around me got trashed, and I did not hear one rant for justice or for George Floyd. Not in The Bronx, not that night. That night, they targeted minorities,” he said. “They were opportunists who just wanted to steal.”

Meanwhile, politicians and officials in New York City continue to downplay the impact of the riots. Mayor Bill de Blasio repeatedly refused to request support from the National Guard, which allowed rioters to overpower the NYPD and get away with smashing up hundreds of stores. Manhattan’s District Attorney Cy Vance also said on Friday that many rioters would not face any charges at all.

Despite all of this, Mayor de Blasio even committed on Saturday to taking money away from the police and redirecting it to social services.

Izaguirre also told that post that the message looters sent to him and his family was that they didn’t deserve what they worked so hard to achieve.

“I’m a minority, too,” he said. “My family and I have worked out whole lives for this.”