Lobbying Group Connected to Burisma and Hunter Biden Received Huge PPP Loan from Federal Government

(TheFreedomFlag.com)- The Hunter Biden scandals are back – and for good reason. Ever since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate, the media and far-left activists started to forgive the Bidens for their dodgy dealings in Ukraine and China. But now, as data relating to which companies received Paycheck Protection Program loans from the government is revealed, so much more about Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings are being discovered.

One piece of information revealed this week is that a lobbying company connected to Burisma, the Ukrainian energy form Hunter Biden was invested in, and Hunter Biden himself received a huge relief loan from the Paycheck Protection Program. You know, the system set up by the Trump administration that the Bidens claim isn’t good enough.

Blue Star Strategies, the lobbying group in question, was once hired by Burisma to help their efforts in correcting claims of public corruption. The strategic lobbying and public relations company took more than $150,000 and $350,000 in government money according to data revealed on Monday.

It comes not long after Blue Star was subpoenaed by the Senate Homeland Security Committee to give testimony on an investigation into Biden’s dealings with Burisma. The Democrats presumably hoped this difficult topic would just go away, but it isn’t. A Freedom of Information Act request last year showed that representatives of the company invoked Biden when they were trying to get a meeting with the State Department in 2016 when Obama was still president. The attempted meeting was to discuss the corruption allegations made against the Ukrainian energy firm.

Hunter Biden was a member of the board of Burisma from April 2014. He suddenly became a global businessman around the time his father became Vice President of the United States. His appointment to the board of the company was confusing as he had no experience working in the energy industry. Despite this, he took how a salary of $83,000 per month.

Interesting, huh?

The investigations are ongoing and we’re likely to hear more about this soon, but seeing businesses connected to the Bidens taking home such huge sums of money in coronavirus relief says a lot about their claims that the government isn’t handling the relief programs right.

Just how many more hundreds of thousands of dollars do the Bidens want the government to give to businesses they’re connected to?