Lindsey Graham Warns America May See A Radical Change

( Republican senator for South Carolina Lindsey Graham warned on Sunday that three pieces of far-left legislation being pushed through Congress by the Democrats could radically change the country.

The trilogy of extremist policy, which has been passed by the House and would be passed in the Senate if not for the filibuster, could seriously hurt American democracy and change the country forever.

“This is a trilogy of radical policy and I hope the American people are paying attention because if you’re not, you’re going to wake up in a few years and your country will not be the nation you remember it being,” he said to Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

During the interview, Senator Graham drew attention to the $1.9 trillion COVID stimulus package that was passed on Saturday by the Senate.

Well, we say “COVID stimulus package,” but only a fraction of that huge sum will be spent on COVID relief.

Graham said that the Democrats are going to “run over” America with “out of control liberalism.”

“most of the money’s not spent this year,” he said about the stimulus package. “90% of it has nothing to do with COVID.”

It also doesn’t contain the $2,000 checks that President Joe Biden and the Democrats promised not just during the presidential election campaign but in the Georgia Senate runoff campaign, too.

The package, as Graham noted, also contains racist policy, explaining how if you’re “socially disadvantaged” or if you’re African-American, some other minority “then you will receive help, but if you’re a white person, you receive “no forgiveness as reparations.”

Shortly after winning the White House, Biden promised that he would prioritize non-white Americans in the COVID relief package, and it looks as though he and Congressional Democrats have followed through on that racist promise.

Not all Americans will receive financial relief under the stimulus package, either. While President Donald Trump encouraged Congress to pass a streamlined COVID stimulus package that gave every American citizen $2,000, only Americans who earn$75,000 or less will take home a $1,400 direct payment – no matter how badly their business was hit by the pandemic. $2,800 will be made available to married couples who make $150,000 or less.

$1,400 is also available for every child living with their parents.

It’s radically different from what was promised to America and doesn’t even include the $15 minimum wage package that the Democrats promised their voters.

Looks like Joe Biden is already pretty set to become America’s worst president for following through on promises.

Graham also noted the H.R.1. bill, the “For The People Act” which removes the need for ID verification before voting and would get the ball rolling on implementing mass, unsolicited mail-in voting nationally.

“The federal government will take over voting systems in the country. There’ll be no checks and balances No verification of who you are. Mail-in voting run rampant,” Graham said.

The third in the trilogy is the dubiously-named “Equality Act,” which Graham said doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

“They passed a bill that does away with the distinction between being man and woman in the law, biological boys will start playing in girls sports and if you’re a religious organization out there and your faith dictates that certain things happen, this bill takes that ability to say no away from you. It’s a reshaping of America,” he added.

Did anyone expect anything different from a party that literally decided who gets COVID relief funds based on their race?