Lindsey Graham Says Georgia Now Has “Credible Process” To Audit Signatures

( Senator Lindsey Graham offered an interesting and positive updated on the state of President Donald Trump’s battle to secure election integrity on Tuesday, confirming that Georgia now has “credible process” to perform a signature audit of the state’s election. He wrote that he had been briefed about the mail-in ballot signature verification process in the state and that officials now have the ability to perform the audit requested by the president’s legal team.

“I have just been briefed about the signature verification system in Georgia regarding 2020 mail-in ballots,” he wrote on Twitter. “From what I’ve been told, sounds like they now have a credible process in place to do a signature audit…Look forward to hearing the results!”

It’s good news, but there are questions surrounding what he said. For instance, it remains unclear whether Graham was talking about a signature audit of the ballots that were cast during the 2020 presidential election, or whether he meant an audit for elections in the future…including the Georgia Senate runoff race on January 5.

For weeks, President Donald Trump has been pushing Republican Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp, as well as Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, to conduct a full signature verification of the presidential election. The president and his legal team have described how it could be done very quickly, but the two Republicans seem mysteriously reluctant to do it.

What are they afraid of?

Ray Smith, an attorney representing President Donald Trump, wrote to Raffensperger on December 1 to request an immediate audit of tens of thousands of ballots, to ensure to that the election in the state was properly counted.

The Trump campaign estimates that anywhere between 38,250 and 45,626 illegal ballots were cast in the state, which is much higher than the 12,670 votes that Biden supposedly “won” the state with.

Raffensperger, however, denied the request and we still don’t truly know who won the election.

Could Graham’s comments be the first step towards finally finding discovering the truth?