Lin Wood: Trump Should Declare Martial Law

( Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood said on Newsmax TV on Saturday that he is hopeful that his lawsuit will be heard on merit and standing – something denied of the president’s official legal team by several judges and courts so far.

He also suggested that he believes President Donald Trump may implement some form of Martial Law to ensure a flawed election which was compromised by widespread fraud does not decide the next president.

It might sound radical…if you haven’t read the affidavits released to the public, and seen the CCTV footage from Georgia that appears to show election fraud happening in the dead of night.

“The premise of my case is simple,” Wood said. “I take the position the Nov. 3 election was unlawful and unconstitutional because the election was held using procedures for mail absentee ballots that were developed by the secretary of state in a backroom deal over the Democratic Party of March 2020.”

Lin explained how they “changed the procedures,” and that those procedures cannot and should not be changed in a federal election “unless it is done by the state legislature.”

That’s the argument made by the state of Texas and almost two dozen other states in a lawsuit that was recently dismissed by the Supreme Court for “lack of standing.”

Wood explained that not only the election was unlawful, but so are the recounts, and so is the January 5 runoff election in Georgia – all because the rules were changed without the permission of the state legislature.

Wood filed his case with the Supreme Court against Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who signed off on the new unconstitutional rules.

“I believe my case has merit,” Wood explained. “I hope the Supreme Court will agree to hear it.”

On the topic of standing, which simply means the ability of a party to demonstrate sufficient connection and interest in the case being put before the court, Wood said that he was filing the lawsuit as a Georgia voter. He said that it makes him the “proper party to file the lawsuit.”

Discussing the Texas v. Pennsylvania case that was rejected by the Supreme Court on Friday, Wood said the case had merit and was only rejected on standing. His case, he claims, stands a better chance of being accepted by the court, and urged the Supreme Court justices to take action.

“If the Supreme Court does not act, someone who cares about the rule of law in this country has to act,” he said. “That would be President Donald Trump. If the Supreme Court does not act, I think the president should declare some extent of Martial law, and he should hold off and stay the electoral college.”

The implementation of martial law would allow new elections to go ahead based on the previously established and legal election rules…but can you imagine the meltdown the Democrats would have if they were forced to hold special elections and actually abide by the rules?